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Sonny Gray: 2 Reason Trade to CIN Reds Works

To say that Sonny Gray’s time with the New York Yankees was terrible would be a massive understatement. But that’s not to say he is a bad pitcher at all. In this article, we will examine two reasons why Sonny Gray being traded to the Cincinnati Reds would be very successful for Sonny Gray, the Cincinnati Reds, and the New York Yankees.

It’s Not the Bronx

Just looking at last seasons numbers for Sonny Gray they tell a drastic story. They tell the story of a man uncomfortable in his “home” park. Sonny Gray pitched to the tune of a 6.98 ERA at Yankee Stadium. And ERA that is a stark contrast to his road ERA of 3.17. Gray would throw 15 home games as well as 15 road games. In those 15 home games, Gray would pitch on 59.1 innings of work and record a record of 4-4. On the road, however, Gray would pitch 71 innings and post a record of 7-5. Moving away from the Bronx would allow Sonny to relax and pitch within himself and be more successful In his career, Sonny has made only one start at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, in that start, he pitched seven innings, struck out four and posted a 2.35 ERA. A drastic difference from his career 6.35 ERA at Yankee Stadium.

Derek Johnson

The Cincinnati Reds pitching coach is Derek Johnson. Why is that so significant you ask? What makes that so substantial is his connection to Sonny Gray. Johnson was Sonny Gray’s coach at Vanderbilt. During his time with Johnson, Gray pitched remarkably well. And that lead Sonny to be a first-round draft pick of the Oakland Athletics. We also know that Sonny Gray when comfortable can produce really good results on the mound. And that’s moving Gray into a more comfortable and less pressure environment with a coach that understands how to cultivate his talent. That is the best place for Sonny Gray.

Each Party Benefits How?

Now the details of this trade are still just rumors (at the point of penning this article). But one can clearly see the benefits to all parties. Now I speak more in detail about the benefits to each club on the 16th episode of The Laracuente Ledger Podcast. But at it’s simplest.

Benefit to Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray needed to get out of New York he needed to be to be in an envirnoment with less pressure. Gray is not a bad pitcher by any stretch but some men just can’t handle New York. Look at the career rejuvneation that Matt Harvey received spending most of the season in Cincy. The same could potentially happen for Gray. Not to mention the genuine connection with the Reds Pitching Coach.

Benefit to the Cincinnati Reds

Sonny Gray as we have said is not a bad pitcher. And moving him over to the National League should help him immensely right out of the gate. Also if the Reds Pitching Coach can rediscover what made Gray a first-round pick they would have acquired an ace.

Benefit to the New York Yankees

It was not a Sonny day in the Bronx, New York. And moving on from Gray was always going to be a priority this offseason. Following the comments made by Yankees GM Brian Cashman at the “End of the Season Press Conference,” there was absolutely no way Gray could enter Spring Training as a member of the Yankees. The circus-level sideshow distraction that Gray’s presence would have caused at George M Steinbrenner Field in Tampa would have been unacceptable. The other benefit to the Yankees is while not making a lot of money (as Gray still in arbitration eligiblity) the Yankees still save some money on their payroll. And if the draft pick they receive turns out to be of any use on the Major League level they have recooped that value.

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