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My AEW Wrestlers Wishlist from Non-WWE

When All Elite Wrestling was announced at the stroke of midnight on New Years Day, it brought about much speculation. And the Double Or Nothing Rally added even more intrigue. Now we sit waiting patiently for more information to come out as the hype surrounds the new promotion. And while we don’t know much, we know that “The Elite” along with PAC, Chris Jericho, Joey Janela, Penelope Ford, MJF, and Britt Baker have all signed with AEW. And before the comments begin, Kenny Omega and Marty Scrull are expected to join AEW so they won’t be on this list.

So for this second part of the two-part article, we will look at ten wrestlers that I would like to see join All Elite Wrestling. Now the ground rules for this second list are they are non-WWE main roster talent and wrestlers not contracted to WWE at all. Again this list is merely my wish list of wrestlers to join AEW and their current contracts don’t matter. (In no particular order.)

No. 1: Ivelisse

Let me begin by saying that Ivelisse is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Her fiery nature coupled with her in-ring ability makes her one of the most believable workers in the business. So seeing Ivelisse make a move to AEW would see her elevate the entire women’s division in All Elite Wrestling. Not to mention, we have seen her work in Lucha Underground, and she will give the men a serious run for their money. Don’t mess with La Sicaria #Bow2None.

No. 2: Lucha Bros

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are two guys that could thrive in a creative environment like AEW. The ability of both men to work such an incredible style and pace gives them the utmost potential at the top of the card. Watching what both guys have done across companies like Impact Wrestling, MLW, and others is astounding. And if you watched All In you witnessed the upper-level talent that these two luchadors are at a premium stage. And given the buzz and feel that AEW already have, it seems a perfect fit for the Lucha Bros.

No. 3: Homicide & Hernandez

The OGz, the original L.A.X of Homicide & Hernandez are two of the best in tag team wrestling. They combine the hardcore with the high flying and the technical ability with the brawling of the streets. If you have had the privilege to watch them in person, you know what they bring to the table. And if you saw their “Concrete Jungle” match at Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory 2018, you know exactly how high they raise the bar.

No. 4: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard is a woman with legacy and an immediate rivalry set to go with a WWE main roster addition on part one of this list. Tessa Blanchard has multiplied her in-ring ability and personal at least tenfold since she first began training. The daughter of Tully Blanchard, Tessa has worked her craft to become one of the best female workers in the game. And adding her name and ability to the women’s division in All Elite Wrestling can only elevate the division even more.

No. 5: Zack Sabre Jr.

Zack Sabre Jr. is one of the most proficient technical wrestlers I have ever had the pleasure to watch. His match against Tomohiro Ishii at Wrestle Kingdom 13 was remarkable. And he is capable of putting on great matches like that with so many other opponents as well. Seeing him on the AEW roster will bring more worldwide eyes to the product. And ultimately anyone who faces off with Zack will have to raise their standard or fall victim and tap out.

No. 6: Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is an absolute powerhouse. Watching what she can do in a ring is incredible. Thick Mama Pump as she is often referred to has star potential and has become a mainstay in Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts division. Bringing in a powerhouse like Grace to AEW’s Women’s Division will lend itself to some fantastic storylines and booking opportunities. If appropriately booked (which one must believe would be the case) Jordynne Grace could have a dominant run as the All Elite Wrestling’s Women’s Champion.

No. 7: Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada is arguably one of the top three professional wrestlers in the world. His ability to work a match or present a character rivals very few. And seeing him turn up in All Elite Wrestling could bear witness to some of the most magnificent story-telling in pro wrestling history. Let’s not forget Okada and Omega’s 7 Star match from Dave Meltzer. Okada like Zack Sabre Jr. could also bring in eyes from the international market as well, boosting the stock of AEW.

No. 8: Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna is currently signed to NXT but again for the purposes of this list that doesn’t matter. What matters is Deonna’s in-ring ability and her relationship with the Villain, Marty Scrull. Adding Deonna on in-ring ability alone would be a fantastic coup from All Elite Wrestling. As in my opinion, Deonna is an underrated worker in the ring. But when you factor in the formation of the Elite as a powerful entity in AEW, having Deonna have Brandi’s back would benefit Brandi greatly. The Virtuosa is excellent in the ring, and ultimately the way to elevate the women’s division is by bringing in talented women like Deonna Purrazzo.

No. 9: Undisputed Era

Ok, I realize that is you add up the individuals there are way more than ten wrestlers I would like to see in AEW. But to be fair across both list it is hard to separate the pairings/groups. And that becomes even more difficult when considering the Undisputed Era. One of the most incredible parts to my week is watching UE in NXT. The four-man stable have become staples of NXT. And when examining the sum of the parts it’s multiplied by the whole. Each man brings something special and unique to the group. But when you have all four men together you get something magical.

For example, take a look back to NXT Takeover War Games II, and the War Games match itself. Or even if you travel even further back to the first NXT Takeover War Games, Undisputed Era have been excellent. If you give them more creative freedom, imagine the possibilities that could arise from their brilliance.

No. 10: CM Punk & AJ Lee

Now, this is probably the longest of long shots. But Dave Meltzer reported that AEW did reach out to CM Punk about joining AEW. And by all reports and accounts, Punk has no interest in professional wrestling. But this is me fantasy booking at it’s finest. I have always loved the CM Punk character. From the indies through his WWE run. And knowing some of the creative brilliance that lies in his mind a pro wrestling return in All Elite Wrestling could be the exact dose of straight edge cleansing needed. And when you add in one of my top two favorite female wrestlers of all time (just behind Ivelisse) you have struck gold. Imagine the possibility of CM Punk & AJ Lee versus Cody & Brandi Rhodes. The amount of money that feud could draw would leave the world broke. I’m sure it would take some convincing, but with the right driving force, we could hear Cult of Personality one more time heading into a wrestling ring.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

So after my two lists covering 20 wrestlers (34 if you count individually), I would love to see join All Elite Wrestling. I would love to hear from you guys. Let me know your thoughts on my list. Or on who you would have added to your list. You can leave a comment below or on any of our social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @laracuenteledge or @LedgerPodcast. And be sure to check out the Laracuente Ledger Podcast this week for a breakdown of each wrestler I’d like to see make the move to AEW.

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