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Yankees: 3 Reasons Why Tulowitzki Makes Sense

The New York Yankees bringing in Troy Tulowitzki is a smart move. And here are the three reasons why bringing in Tulo makes sense for the Yankees.

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Plan B Secured

Let’s begin by saying that the Yankees are still very much in the Manny Machado market. But they were smart to find themselves a “Plan B” alternative in case Manny chose to go elsewhere. That backup plan was in the form of former 5x All-Star, Troy Tulowitzki. While many reports have stated that Manny’s desired location is in the Bronx, that comes with a qualifier. That qualifier being “if the deals are close.” Therefore, if the Yankees offer does not reach what’s “CLOSE” by Manny’s standards he will choose to go play in a different city.

This brings us to Troy Tulowitzki. A once highly sought after, thought to be untouchable piece has fallen on hard times. But all of that was due to injuries. And by all accounts and reports, Tulo is healthy for the first time in a long time. That means if Troy can regain some of the form that he had at the peak of his excellence, the Yankees got a steal of a deal.


The Yankees are only on the hook for $555,000 of Tulowitzki’s contract, that’s the Major League minimum. So for the Yanks to get back the value that they paid, Tulo only has to be “LEAGUE AVERAGE.” Now let me set the right expectations here, this is all contingent on Troy being healthy. When healthy we have seen the man put up some incredible numbers. But it has been two years since Troy stepped on a field. Three years since Troy played in more than 125 games and eight years since Tulo has played in over 140 games. So health is the key in everything about this deal. But again it is a minimum investment by the Yankees. And if Tulo can regain the form that he had at the peak of his excellence, the Yankees got a bargain on their steal of a deal.

The Derek Jeter Effect

Think back to the days of your youth and all the fond memories of watching your favorite ballplayers. And think back to all the times you imitating them when you were practicing on the field. Well for Troy Tulowitzki that childhood hero was Derek Jeter. Jeter was the reason that Tulo wore the number 2 and played Shortstop. And it also played a factor in his decision to join the Yankees. Now he won’t be wearing number 2 in the Bronx, but stepping on the same field his hero did just six years ago will be a huge motivating factor. So no matter what Manny Machado decides the Yankees have an effective plan in place. And I’ll say it again if Tulo can regain the form that he had at the peak of his excellence, the Yankees got a bargain on their steal of a deal using their legendary appeal.

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