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WWE: 3 Must for the Women’s Tag Team Division

On the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night RAW, Vince McMahon-ta Claus announced that WWE would be introducing Women’s Tag Team Championships in 2019. And although the announced seemed somewhat thrown away by being placed on the Christmas Eve edition of RAW. It will be a welcomed addition, if done correctly. So we will look at three things that must happen with the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

1. Defined Direction

The WWE must give a level of focus and dedication to the Women’s Tag Team division that hasn’t been seen thus far on WWE tv. Outside of the Women’s Championship title picture, there hasn’t been any quality storylines. So whoever is booking the Women’s Tag Team Championship title picture must have a singular and defined end game. Whoever the booker is must know how they want the storylined program to end before they even begin.

Planning and forethought must be the foundation of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Division. Knowing how each program will end and how the next will begin is critical to the success of the division. All you have to do to see when forethought and planning are something key to a story and subsequently when they are not all you have to do is look at the tag division of RAW and Smackdown Live. The decision makers must look to the Superstars of Smackdown Live for inspiration.

2. Four Horsewomen

On the December 21st episode of The Laracuente Ledger Podcast, I floated an idea of the different teams that have begun to form in the Women’s Division. And one idea I gave was in regards to the Four Horsewomen of MMA. For anyone that may not be aware, the Four Horsewomen of MMA are Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir. And with the legitmate fighting background of all four of these women they have a unique opportunity to capitalize on that background. The Four Horsewomen of MMA should be booked like the this generations verison of the NWO.

If you’ve watched any of NXT recently, you have seen the initial makings of this type of booking. Baszler, Duke, and Shafir have already run through much of the NXT Women’s division. And once the tag titles are won, they should make their debut. Ronda Rousey can then run down to “Make the save” as the babyface victors are being attacked. And as the babyfaces are slowly getting up from the attack, Ronda then turns on them and aligns herself with her MMA cohorts.

3. Fresh Look

All of the new WWE Championships titles all look the same, except the color of the belt itself. The WWE must give the Women’s Tag Team Championships a different look and feel. The same way that Evolution was presentedly differently, so too should the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

A Big Step, But We Must Be Cautious

Women’s Division Tag Team Championship is a welcomed addition to the WWE landscape. But with the addition the WWE must be careful not to over overexpose the division. The WWE has a tendency to start out with the right intentions. Only to faltered shortly thereafter. The WWE must keep the division legitmate and not turn into a comedy act.

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