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My Christmas Wishlist

With today being Christmas Eve I thought it would be wise for me to give “Santa” my Christmas list. I know it’s a little late, but I figured if he’s “Coming to Town” and “Checking his list twice” if I include it now it can be fresh in his mind. So with that here are the four items on my Christmas List.

No. 4: Taking Batting Practice with the NY Yankees

Anyone that knows me or has read this site for any amount of time knows that I’m a huge Yankee fan. So a lifelong dream/ Christmas Wishlist item is taking part in batting practice at Yankee Stadium. And then watching the game sitting next to the dugout behind homeplate. The idea of partaking in batting practice with members of the greatest franchise in sports history would be an honor, a privilege and a lifelong dream come true.

No. 3: WWE Creative; Change and a Job Opportunity

So this item on my wishlist is a two-part request “Santa.” The WWE creative team has been split during 2018. As the Monday Night RAW creative team has struggled in 2018 to produce great content. While the Smackdown Live team has been much better and has produced some incredible content. But since the McMahon clan has promised change I “Wish” that the creative team can take a look back to yesteryear.

On the second episode of The Laracuente Ledger Podcast entitled after an article on this very site “Why WWE Makes it so Hard to be a Wrestling Fan” I discussed why as wrestling fans we look back at the “Attitude Era” so much. But the main aspect of the Attitude Era that needs to be brought back is the creativity. Right now the WWE and the creative team (mainly on RAW) seem to struggle.

The second part of my request would be a chance to work with the WWE creative team. As it stands it mostly employs “Hollywood Style” writers who have little to no knowledge or genuine interest in the world of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. Yes, I understand that the WWE is in the “Sports Entertainment” business (if you’re reading this Mr. McMahon), but if the emphasis is placed on the sports aspect that entertainment will undoubtedly take care of itself. Give me a shot Mr. McMahon and I can get the ratings up to the 3.3 that Fox is looking for…wink…wink.

No 2: NY Yankees Sign Bryce Harper + 3 Relievers

The New York Yankees have been connected to every top-tier talent free agent in this and pretty much every other offseason. But one of the main guys this offseason is being downplayed. That man is Bryce Harper. Harper, in my opinion, is a perfect fit for the Yankees. A left-handed bat in Yankee Stadium. A man who can play left field in the Bronx. And a man that plays with so much heart, excitement, love, and passion for the game of baseball. Yes, I know that the Yankees currently have 6 outfielders. But when you consider that Jacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier have been unable to stay healthy that number drops to 4. And while the Aaron’s outfield jobs are secure (Judge in right field, Hicks in center field). Giancarlo has proven better at DH and occasional corner outfield help. And for as much as I love Brett Gardner as a player he has shown to always fade in the second half. Moving Gardy into a 4th outfield role should allow him to stay healthy. So bring Bryce Harper to the Bronx to don the Pinstripe.

Now the Yankees bullpen while still an area of strength has been weakened by free agency. Both David Robertson and Zach Britton are free agents and I want both back. But I also want Adam Ottavino. Even though Ottavino is 33 years old, he does not have a lot of mileage on his right arm. And therefore should be able to give the Yankees some long-term setup help in the pen.

No 1: The Laracuente Ledger and The Laracuente Ledger Podcast Become Hugely Popular

If you are reading this Thank You, as you are helping grow the Laracuente Ledger. And I recently started a podcast that you should check out too. But if “Santa” is listening to everyone’s Wishlist then I want for both this site and the podcast to grow in their reader and subscribers count. These ventures have been a long time coming for me and I enjoy them immensely. I also want to grow both ventures in the coming years and to do that I need some help. So tell everyone you know and get the word out about the Laracuente Ledger and the Laracuente Ledger Podcast.

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