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3 Superstars for WWE to Consider for a Major Push

The WWE has claimed change this week. They have said that they will now be listening to the fans a strategy that should have been employed at the start of the WWE, not all this time later. But here we are, so with that in mind. We suggest three WWE Superstars to strap a rocket onto their backs and sent to the moon.

Finn Balor

The “Ordinary man that does extraordinary things” has been criminally underutilized during his time on the main roster of WWE. Finn Balor has the type of style that can blend a mix of styles. And all it takes is one look a the “Demon King” persona to know that Finn has the charisma necessary to carry the company. But typecast by the head decision makers, Finn hasn’t had a chance to succeed. We’ve discussed Finn a lot recently. But hopefully, with this renewed focus on the product, Finn can finally get his due.

Drew Gulak

If you haven’t paid attention to 205 Live, you’re not the only one. But one man that sticks out on the brand and should have more of a spotlight is Drew Gulak. Gulak has all the ability in the ring to hand with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles or Seth Rollins. But he also has a comedic side that has forced him into comedy segments more than he should. But again if the WWE is indeed about changing perceptions and giving chances, Drew Gulak deserves an opportunity to shine. Gulak to be a staple of the mid-card, putting on quality feuds with just about anyone. And having him brush up against some of the top guys can then also bring validity to he rivals up reentry into the mid-card.

Nikki Cross

Now while Nikki has “kinda sorta but not really” made her main roster debut. She has been announced as one of the six making their way from NXT to the main roster. Nikki’s character is deranged and unpredictable. But at times characters of that mold aren’t guided properly in WWE. The subtlety and nuisance that Nikki’s type of character requires aren’t booked that way. But instead, they are booked as crazy or mentally unstable. Rather than the advance strategist that they should be booked as. Upon Nikki’s full-time call-up, she must be protected to not have her charactered sullied and typecast like so many countless others have before her.

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