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Yankees: The Manny Machado Tour: Next Stop NY

Today the Manny Machado tour makes it’s next stop in the Bronx, to visit the New York Yankees. So let’s take a look at a few factors that could conceivably see Manny joining the New York Yankees. 

The Alex Rodriguez Factor

It’s been a poorly kept secret that Manny wants to be a New York Yankees and has wanted that for a long time. His boyhood idol, Alex Rodriguez spent 12 seasons in pinstripes wearing number 13. Manny hopes to continue the tradition of Miami native third basemen in the Bronx.

Before the Baltimore Orioles drafted Manny, Alex Rodriguez spoke to the Yankees about signing him out of Brito Miami Private school. And as legend has it, if Manny had fallen to the Yankees in that year’s draft he would have been in pinstripes all this time. And when Alex Rodriguez decided to retire rather than play for another team to try and hit four more home runs to get to 700 for his career. That leaves a ringing endorsement in Manny’s eyes that like his hero he wants to end his career in the Bronx.

The Luxury Tax Factor

The New York Yankees have finally been able to fall under the luxury tax threshold for the first time since it’s inception. And this offseason was always the intended target to get under the limit. This offseason that had Manny, Bryce Harper, and had he not tragically passed Jose Fernandez. Having finally dropped under the tax means the Yankees aren’t paying a premium on every dollar over the tax that they find themselves. And now the penalty is reset, it allows them to splurge on a worthwhile talent like Machado. Yes, the Yankees wouldn’t want to extend passed an eight-year term. But because Manny is only 26, even if they offer a ten-year deal they should still get a good to great level of production all the way through the contract.

No Other Worthy Contenders Factor

Generally, for a player of Manny Machado’s caliber, all the big market teams would be involved. However, this offseason the only World Series contender from a big market is the New York Yankees. Yes, the Philadelphia Phillies are involved and are a big market capable of giving Manny a lot of money. And the same would apply to the Chicago White Sox. But the difference between the Phillies, White Sox, and that of the Yankees is the fact the Yankees are truly a World Series caliber contender.

The Phillies and White Sox seem poised to have very good 2019 campaigns. But even adding Manny that does not make them, World Series bound. The Yankees, however, if they add Machado, he pushes them over the top and makes them a heavy favorite. The Red Sox, Dodgers, and Cubs are all set at shortstop and third base. Thus leaving the Yankees alone in the race.

Where Will Manny Choose?

The Manny Machado tour stops in the Bronx today, and Philadelphia tomorrow. And should presumably make a decision after that. And while this situation may harken Yankee fans back to a couple of weeks ago when noted “Yankee fan” Patrick Corbin made his tour of potential landing spots. This time one must believe that the Yankees are in a better position to land Manny. But it will ultimately come down to dollars and cents. But this move for both the Yanks and for Machado makes sense.

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