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2 Reasons Why the CW’s Arrowverse is Better than the DCEU

In the third episode of The Laracuente Ledger Podcast a panel of “Super Nerds” and I discussed some of the hottest topics in the Superhero genre this week. One of those topics was the CW’s Elseworlds Crossover Event. So it got me thinking about the difference between the critically successful crossovers on the CW’s Arrowverse and the critically unsuccessful DCEU cinematic universe. So here are the two reason I concluded the Arrowverse is better than the DCEU. 

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Intelligent Introductions

The Arrowverse has been running for seven seasons with the original show. This season has seen the introduction of new characters like Batwoman and even a secondary type character like Lois Lane. Throughout the entire Arrowverse universe we have seen these kinds of character additions. The additions of these characters are given in a logical and intelligent manner. We have seen the starts of new characters stories that lead to deep and insightful solo projects. 

While the Arrowverse brings new characters into the forefront the DCEU cinematic universe doesn’t seem to have a logical pattern of introducing their “new” cinematic characters. Just look at the critical failure that was Justice League. In Justice League (JL), Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg were thrown at fans all at once. And while for those of us in the “Super Nerd” community that know the back stories of these characters can follow and keep up. Many movie-goers don’t have the same knowledge base of the source material. That lack of knowledge leads to confusion when backstories aren’t fully explained. This is just one way the Arrowverse excels. 


The second way the Arrowverse thrives where the DCEU seems to struggle is continuity. The Arrowverse shows all seemingly function with the same goal in mind. And that is never more evident than during these crossover events.

One piece on continuity that has struck me and stayed with me throughout the entire time of the Arrowverse was during the Flashpoint story arch. John Diggle (a character on Arrow, known as Spartan) had a baby girl named Sarah prior to Flashpoint. After Flashpoint, John’s daughter became a son named John Jr. And when it came to light that Flash altered the timeline and the course of all of their lives. It was these type of seemingly small and insignificant changes that made a huge difference. A difference in terms of the level of depth all the Arrowverse shows display.

And something even smaller than shows the attention to detail and foresight of the entire universe is anything the Flash travels with John Diggle, upon stopping John immediately has to vomit. Regardless of locations and whatever show they may currently be on, it happens every time. The DCEU however, doesn’t seem to know exactly where they are going in the end. And their stories reflect that with no consistency in direction. Leading to years between mediocre projects or promised projects that don’t materialize at all. 

Closing Out 

What the CW’s Arrowverse has provided fans with is a sense of direction and purpose. While all the shows haven’t always been great hits critically they have all maintained a level of coherence to one another. And it is with continuty and the evolving and additions of characters in a way that makes sense that keeps fans watching. And it is something the higher ups at Warner Brothers should pay attention to going forward. 

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