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Yankees: Winter Meeting’s Preview

This week is the annual convention known as the “Winter Meetings.” The annual convention in which each team has a representative there to speak on behalf of the club. This is also where the hot stove season really starts heating up. So we will look at a few things that the Yankees GM Brian Cashman should try to complete by weeks end.

Acquire Another “Elite” Starter

As has been the offseason mission statement from day one, Cashman will be focused on the starting pitching market. The Yankees currently have four starters in the fold with Luis Severino, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, and CC Sabathia. And the Yankees need to finish out the rotation. Free agent starters like JA Happ and Dallas Keuchel have been connected to thet Yankees since the offseason began. And this week will be more fuel on that fire. But the Yankees can also look to the trade market. And with the Indians starters rumored to be available more conversations should ensue when the GM’s are in such close proximity.

Find a Trade Partner for Sonny Gray

The Sonny Gray experiment in the Bronx is approaching it’s envitable end. When Sonny was in the low pressure environment of Oakland he was seen as a very good starter with an ERA of 3.42. However, his tenure in pinstripes has been the exact opposite. Gray has pitched nearly 200 innings. During those innings, Sonny Gray would pitch to an ERA of 4.51. Despite this, since Cashman made Gray available, he has drawn a lot of interest. This week will be a barometer for where Gray will be traded.

Making a Splash

The New York Yankees have always been know for persuing the top free agents. And this offseason the rumors have been about exactly that.. The top free agents on the market are Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. And we’ve covered on a number of occasions the type of superstars that Bryce and Manny are. And with the Yankees being under the luxury tax threshold they will be expected to make a big splash.

With the winter meetings being in Las Vegas, it will make it much easier for Brian Cashman to sneak out. Something Cash did ten years ago, the last time the Winter Meetings were in Las Vegas when he “snuck” out to fly to North Carolina to sign CC Sabathia to the highest contract signed by a pitcher (at that time.) This year the most coveted asset already lives in Las Vegas…Bryce Harper. The Yanks have more often been connected to Manny Machado, but the lack of attention towards Bryce leads me to believe that he is more in-play than Yankees management would lead us to believe.

Closing Thoughts on Winter Meetings

Wherever happens (or doesn’t happen) the winter meetings are always an interesting time. And usually the start of the trades and signing season. And since the Yankees have some needs to fill expect somethings to get done at the winter meetings. Or that things at the very least will get started. 

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