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WWE: RAW Had a Course Correction But Not Fixed

Following the absolute travesty of a joke that was last week’s Monday Night RAW, last night’s episode was more redeemable. Now that’s not to say the entire show was stellar. But it just wasn’t as bad by comparison. The rumors that have made the rounds about last weeks episode of MNR was that the original plans for the entire episode of RAW got scrapped. And that Vince McMahon rewrote the whole show himself. Which would explain why it was such an awful product was displayed. And why the WWE needs a fresh voice at the helm.

Even before RAW went off the air last week, the backlash and vitriol was on full blast online. Then more details came out that there was no real direction without Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman. That was then followed up by the news that Vinnie Mac himself rewrote the entire plans himself. And clearly sought no counsel before the show went live. The problem with Vince needing to be in full control instead of allowing others to take hold of creative control reared it’s ugly and “water” stained fingertips on the show last week.

On last week’s RAW, every heel got over on the “Babyfaces” by trying to get as much “heat” as possible. Having the heels drive up the fans rage is part of their objective. But at the same time, a balance must be maintained. Because too much heat on the babyfaces can be just as bad as not enough. And last week was pretty bad.

Not the Best, But Better…I Guess

This week’s RAW was better. And that’s a good thing, as I feared that McMahon’s stubbornness would potentially double down on the stupidity of last week out of egotistical hubris. But thankfully that isn’t what we got. Yes, some of the heels added to the heat they had built up the week prior. And that’s ok. Because in this crazy wonderful world of professional wrestling the bad guys have to make you believe that “You Can’t Win.” This has been a proven strategy for years in the business.

That being said though, the WWE needs to start investing more in their babyface characters developments. For example, a guy like Finn Balor, who was one of the biggest names on the indies before signing with the WWE. Finn has not been featured in anything of genuine significance since he had relinquished the WWE Universal Championship. The injury sustained at the hands of Seth Rollins has seemed to not just halt the push of Balor but has seemingly derailed the train entirely and made the railway shut down for good. Finn has been nothing but fodder and bait for the “big guys” that Vince McMahon sees as championship material.

Discovering Some Direction

The WWE TLC pay-per-view is about two weeks away. And the card is beginning to look pretty impressive. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins is sure to deliver when it comes to the actual matchup. Despite the booking of the build to the match being an atrocity. The match between Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre should be a hard-hitting contest. But the main reason that TLC should be a good event is the “First Ever” Women’s Triple Threat TLC match. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka should be able to put on a brutal and devastating contest. A matchup that will have the wrestling world buzzing. And even a potential match of the year candidate.

If we can start focusing more on credible storylines and less on juvenile humor the product on WWE tv will be much better for it. And Vince doesn’t need to look that far for inspiration for how the shows should be booked. Because Triple H is usually near him, somewhere. And the way that NXT is book has been excellent. And the WWE can correct the mistakes from last week, hopefully to never be seen again.

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