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Are the Yankees Problem Dumping? Cano for Ellsbury?

In a trade rumor reminiscent of the late ’90s and early 2000s the rumored trade talks of problem for problem have been discussed. The New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners are rumored to be discussing a potential trade of Jacoby Ellsbury for Robinson Cano. And as the old saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But for this trade, we must amend the words a bit. One man’s injury prone inconsistent taking up a roster spot that he doesn’t deserve outfielder for another man’s I only went for the money finally got caught steroid using infielder.

Cano Don’t Cha Know

At this point in the career of Robinson Cano, it is unclear what type of player a team would be getting. As following an 80 game suspension in 2018 for PEDs. In 80 games, Cano would hit 10 home runs, drive in 50 and slashing .303/.374/.471. Before the suspension, the career arch of Cano appeared to be set on a collision course for the Hall of Fame. But that seems unlikely now. Cano showed a willingness to “do whatever is necessary to help the team win.” When following the suspension, he played 10 games at first base for the Mariners. If Cano can show a continued willingness to do what’s best for the team, he may be a valuable asset in trade talks for the Yankees.

Ells-buries It

Jacoby Ellsbury was a complete non-factor for the 2018 New York Yankees as he did not once step on the field. And since Jacoby signed in the offseason of 2013-2014, he has been a sore point of contention for Yankee fans. Because other than the 2014 season Ellsbury has not put up the kind of numbers his 7 years $153 million contract would warrant. To add to the vitriol Yankee fans feel is the fact that seemingly every other year Jacoby is injured.

Can It Work?

There are multiple caveats to making a deal like this work. First and foremost, both men would have to agree as they have full no-trade clause in their contracts. Cano would more than likely agree to come back to New York. It is where Cano had the most success of his career. Jacoby Ellsbury, however, is the question mark in that regard as his camp has been vocal about staying in NY. But a move to the Pacific Northwest may make sense. As Jacoby is from Oregon and therefore a potential landing spot.

The second aspect in the deal that must be worked out is that of the money involved in the deal. And it is in this part of the deal where things can get complicated. Jacoby only has two seasons left on his deal. While Robinson Cano still has five years remaining on his deal, taking him to age 40. Michael Kay on “The Michael Kay Show” recently spoke of the rumors of this deal and how it could work.

In Kay’s proposed scenario the only way the Yankees should entertain this move. If the Mariners include enough money to lower the average annual value of Cano’s contract to $8 Million. Something that is highly unlikely for the Mariners to agree to do. It’s highly unlike the Commissioner’s office agrees to it either. Therefore, the deal is more rumor than an actual trade idea.

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