MLB: 3 Position Players Likely to be Traded

The hot-stove season is technically in full swing. However, we have only seen one “blockbuster” deal for a big name player and that was James Paxton to the Yankees for three prospects (including their number one prospect Justus Sheffield). But that doesn’t mean it will be a cold stove this offseason. So we examine three position players in the MLB that could be on the move before the 2019 season gets underway.

Paul Goldschmidt

paul goldschmidt

The stellar first baseman of the Arizona Diamondbacks has had his name mention on more than one occasion already this offseason. And while no concrete deals have been spoken of, one has to believe that old adage “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And thus Goldy is starting out our list.

Goldschmidt is 31 years old and is arguably the most well-rounded athlete in the National League. As a first baseman, you are expected to provide your team with power. And using 162 game average according to Baseball Reference, Goldschmidt provides approximately 31 homers a season and drives in 105. Tremendous numbers for anyone but when you then pair that with around 18 stolen bases and a slash line of .297/.398/.532 you see the type of otherworldly talent that Paul Goldschmidt possesses.

Goldschmidt however only has one year left on his current deal. A for the Diamondbacks to get back the most return possible Paul needs to be traded sooner rather than later. Many teams would be interested in potentially acquiring Paul Goldschmidt, but the two teams with the most significant needs and “resources” (prospects) to obtain him are the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros.

JT Realmuto

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins

JT Realmuto is arguably the best all-around catcher in the game today. And it is because of that reason that he is very much sought after. Many fans and people in and around the game believed that Realmuto would have been traded before the start of the 2018 season. But as the Marlins were cleaning house, they didn’t feel they were getting the type of return a player like JT warranted.

Now following the 2018 season that saw JT Realmuto hit 21 home runs and drove in 74 rbi’s in just 125 games is a very outstanding season. JT would also have a slash line of .277/.340/.484 which signifies an outstanding season. When it comes to catching in the MLB, it is and always has been at a premium. Because catchers are the field generals of the team. And why so many later become managers. But also because so few teams have lockdown catchers that they are always in high demand. JT Realmuto will undoubtedly command a great return when the Marlins finally decide to make a deal.

Jean Segura

Jean Segura 2.jpg

In the short time since the James Paxton deal was made official. Multiple reports have surfaced that the initially requested trade by the Yankees included Jean Segura. But for a young and talented player like Segura, a throw-in piece was not going to cut it.

Now the caveat in all of this is the fact that Segura has a No-Trade Clause in his contract. As we saw with Giancarlo Stanton last season, he has the final say in whether or not he goes anywhere. During the 2018 season, Segura would slash .304/.341/.415 with 10 home runs, 63 rbi’s, and 20 stolen bases in 144 games. Segura also rates well as a defender. With many teams with needs up the middle in the infield. Seattle already has multiple clubs calling looking for his services.

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