MLB Awards: Rookies of the Year

It is the MLB Awards portion of the offseason. And since the top awards will be announced next week. It is time for the Laracuente Ledger to announce it’s vote for each award. So without further ado here are our picks for Rookies of the Year. Also be sure to take a look back at our preseason MLB Awards Predictions to see if we made the right calls. 

Now just to set some ground rule for the selections. We will be using the same three finalists as have been announced by MLB. So while JD Martinez deserved real consideration as the AL MVP, he was not one of the final three. And I will also reveal who I believe the BBWAA will actually choose as the winner.

Laracuente Ledger’s Pick for NL Rookie of the Year: Ronald Acuña Jr.


While Acuña was primed and ready to start the season with the Braves they held him back for “more seasoning” *cough *cough (service time.) Excuse me, sorry about that. Ah yes, but when Acuña made his debut he jolted the young Atlanta lineup and helped them take hold of the AL East. Acuña would finish the 2018 season with twenty-six home runs, sixty -our RBI’s and a slash line of .293/.366/.552.

Estimated Actual NL Rookie of the Year Winner: Ronald Acuña Jr

By most accounts, many people believe that Ronald Acuña Jr. will win the NL Rookie of the Year. And rightfully so as we stated in our pick. Acuña was one of the more hyped prospects prior to the start of the season. And he delivered.

Laracuente Ledger’s Pick for AL Rookie of the Year: Miguel Andújar

miguel andujar

This is one where I believe my pick and the actual winner will differ. I believe that quantity and quality met in the AL Rookie of the Year realm with Miguel Andújar. The Yankees Miguel Andújar like Acuña did not start the season with the team. But once he joined he made his presence felt. Andújar’s swung a big bat and helped the Yankees reach the playoffs. Unlike the other two finalists, Andújar would remain healthy and very productive all season and therefore should win the AL Rookie of the Year. Miguel would hit twenty-seven home runs to go along with ninety-two runs batted in. And would slash .297/.328/.527 in 149 games. And while his defense may be a question, his bat plays. Andújar would tie the Yankee rookie record set by Joe DiMaggio with forty-seven doubles.

Estimated Actual AL Rookie of the Year Winner: Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani was an MLB story that I was intrigued by all of the last offseason. And I would even create a possible calendar in which Ohtani could be deployed. And it will be because of the intrigue built up and the fact that we witnessed something we haven’t seen since the days of Babe Ruth, that Ohtani will win the AL ROY. Ohtani was impressive when healthy. But the key here is health, and for me, Ohtani missed a lot of time. Shohei would start just ten games as a pitcher and one hundred four as a hitter. And while his numbers are impressive on both aspects it just wasn’t enough time for me.

If we take Ohtani as just a hitter, which due to arm injuries is all he will be until about 2020.  Andújar was better, Miggy would contribute for a higher batting average along with more home runs and many more rbi’s. But because of the fact Shohei was pitching and hitting, he will win the MLB AL Rookie of the Year

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