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WWE: What To Do About Crown Jewel? Following WWE Evolution.

Much has been made of the WWE event known as Crown Jewel, that will be emanating from Saudi Arabia. Much of the world and the WWE Universe is torn about the event. From a pure pro wrestling standpoint, the card is shaping up to be a good card. But form a human aspect this event involves many different points.

The only reason I know of the uproar and backlash in dealings with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is that it crossed over into a realm I am familiar with pro wrestling. The WWE has already signed a ten-year commitment to conduct shows from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And pulling out of those deals would result in serious legal ramifications. Thus as they say in show business “The Show Must Go On.” But where does this leave fans?

Strictly Talking Wrestling

On a strictly wrestling perspective, this card is pretty well loaded. We have Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe, the “World” (American) Cup Tournament, and the big marquee match of DX vs. the Brothers of Destruction, with HBK Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement. So on what I base most of my judgments and criticisms on the card appears to be of serious quality.

But There’s Always A But

With the event taking place in Saudi Arabia, the amazingly talented women of the WWE are not allowed to wrestle on the card. When the first event for WWE took place in the Kingdom earlier this year “The Greatest Royal Rumble” there was unrest for the women of WWE not being allowed to participate. They were then compensated by WWE as if they had. But when the idea of yet another event in the “Boys Only Club” of Saudi Arabia was coming back around the WWE gave a different sort of compensation.

Thus WWE Evolution Was Born

And so the WWE decision makers decided (paraphrasing of course) “Hey instead of paying the women as a response to the backlash we are undoubtedly going to get. Let’s just give them an all women’s pay-per-view.” Thus WWE Evolution was born.

All it takes is one look at the lack of publicity and promotion for the Evolution event to feel that the head people in charge did not believe that Evolution would be successful. Other than the brewing storyline of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, and the “age-shaming” of Alexa Bliss (who couldn’t compete due to injury) to Trish Stratus. No other storylines were built up until the final two weeks until the event. The lack of promotion throughout the weeks since the July announcement was downright disrespectful.

Wonderful contest after contest was delivered by the women of the WWE. Even a match that had no build whatsoever like the six women tag team match of the Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Natalya delivered in a big way. The “real” main event of Becky Lynch defending her Smackdown Live Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing match is without question my pick for WWE match of the year.


Now let me say this when Evolution was announced I was ecstatic about the idea. As someone that has watched several pay-per-views of women’s only promotions like Shine and Shimmer I know that the women in the wrestling business go above and beyond to put on an amazing show. The women in the wrestling business do not get enough credit for their amazing work both in and out of the ring. But they are quick to receive grief and backlash for any botched performance. An unfair one-way street. When the women are incredibly talented and put forth a ton of effort to make the crowd pop. 

What To Do About Crown Jewel? 

Ultimately it comes down to an internal question that no one but you can answer. I think the card for the event will be a good one. Now as good as I felt Evolution went (check out our WWE Evolution Recap.) I’m torn about what to do about WWE Crown Jewel because I think the blatant disrespect shown by having this event just five days after a historic moment for the WWE is disheartening. The women that put their hearts and souls into their performances for the WWE deserve more respect.

With the recent news that Renee Young will be taking her rightful place alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves brings a bit of little to an otherwise dark time. It gives me hope that the WWE will push the boundaries with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And give the women the chance to do what they do best.

We here at the Laracuente Ledger started a poll a few days ago and it will be running until tomorrow before the Crown Jewel event. In which we ask what will you be doing about WWE Crown Jewel? (Twitter Poll Attached Below.) Click on the link and let us know whether or not you will be watching WWE Crown Jewel.

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