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Laracuente Ledger Review: Red Dead Redemption II

In the eight-year long-awaited sequel (that’s actually a prequel) Red Dead Redemption II hit stores on Friday, October 26, 2018. And from the first moment, the game was announced; I preorder the top edition of it before any of the customary preorder bonuses were announced. I had it preordered even before the Ultimate Edition was labeled the Ultimate Edition. So needless to say I was very much looking forward to this game. 

Red Dead Redemption II is again the long-awaited sequel to the 2010 Red Dead Redemption. And before we get any further here is your SPOILER WARNING. This story follows Arthur Morgan. Arthur Morgan is apart of the Van Der Linde gang. The same gang that John Marston is apart of in the first Red Dead Redemption (RDR.) This time, however, the “Wild West is slowly because less “Wild” and is becoming the West that Marston would settle into in RDR.

Biggest Impacts Are Smallest Details

When you begin playing RDR II, one of the first things you will notice is the expert level of details the team over at Rockstar Games put into it. RDR II begins you with your gang attempting to brave a terrible winter storm. A storm complete with snow that is without exaggeration knee high. You can see the impressions left by the weary travelers and their trusted steeds.

Speaking of the horses, in RDR II, you can customize different aspects of your horses. Things like renaming the steed to changing its mane or tails. Those same customization options are also available for your weapons. Like any good west town, the gunsmith and general store provide you the opportunity to update and upgrade your current equipment. But not just by looking at the items on the shelf but also from a catalog.

One of the biggest “small” details you will no doubt hear about Red Dead Redemption II is the fact that Arthur is human. And like you and me Arthur must eat, sleep, and bathe otherwise it will adversely affect what Arthur is capable of doing. Maintaining a healthy size to Arthur is a must as an under/overweight Arthur risks suffering the consequences of such actions. And also making sure that Mr. Morgan is also appropriately dressed. Wearing winter clothes in the Summer or vice versa will cause Arthur to lose stamina much quicker. These results can and will hurt Arthur if not careful. And if Arthur goes without showering, much like anyone you come across on your daily travels it will affect the way people interact with Mr.Morgan.

Wild West GTA

Red Dead Redemption is brought to us by the same video game conglomerate that brings us the Grand Theft Auto series. And what has become a staple of the GTA series is their expansive open world layout. RDR II provides us with the same, as this game gives players arguably the most expansive map of any video game ever created. The creators over at Rockstar Games have taken the same approach with RDR II as they have with GTA. The world is so interactive and immersive. The level of interaction is astounding.

Real Life Looks

If you have seen a commercial or a trailer for Red Dead Redemption II, you know that the graphics you incredibly lifelike. The genuinely unbelievable nature of the details that Rockstar has added are just breathtaking. Just take a look at these stills from the first Red Dead Redemption and the second RDR.

As awe-inspiring as the graphical details were in 2010 at the release of RDR it pales in comparison to RDR II. Honestly, there are no amount of words that I could type in here to make you understand how insanely detailed the graphics are in RDR II. It is something that has to be seen to be felt.

Final Thoughts

As hyped up as I was for this game I had to temper my expectations. Because when you want something so badly to be great, it can fail to meet those hopes. (Just look at the Justice League the movie.) But this is one of those times I can genuinely say that my expectations were not just met but blown entirely away. Just like you can do to anyone wearing a hat in Red Dead Redemption II.

Even if you never played the Red Dead series (Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption) before do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Red Dead Redemption II. It will be one of the best video games you ever immerse yourself in. At the time of me sitting down to write this review up, I’ve played nearly twenty hours. And have only made my way through a little less than twenty percent of the main story.

There is so much to do in this game the replayability is through the roof. And you can spend countless hours just roaming around. Looking for all the different animal species in the game, trying to catch all the different and rare breeds of horses. Not to mention deciding whether or not to be the most vial and ruthless wanted cowboy in the wild frontier. This game is a must get for everyone.

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