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4 Key Moments in Daredevil Season 3

On Friday, October 19th, the third season of Marvel’s Daredevil was released. The Marvel series on Netflix have been outstanding in my opinion. But most of all Daredevil. Following the disastrous big screen adaptation portrayed by Ben Affleck, Daredevil needed a fresh start and a new face. And we got that with Marvel’s version of the superhero. 

Having finished the new season in less than two days, I just wanted to talk about four of the most prominent moments in Daredevil season three. Now warning “SPOILER ALERT” as I will be discussing specific occurrences in the series. As well as why I thought these moments were so significant.

# 1 Fisk Makes A Deal With The Devil

Wilson Fish Beaten

Wilson Fisk the crime lord known simple as Kingpin would dominate and terrify the streets of Hell’ Kitchen. Season three would deal with the internal struggle between Matt Murdock over the what to do about Fisk. Throughout the season Matt would have the desire to kill Kingpin. But at every turn, there was seemingly a reminder that there is another way. All of which you culminate in a final battle in which Matt Murdock would gain the upper hand. But instead of killing Fisk, Murdock would make him a deal.

The two men would agree that Fisk would go back to prison and Murdock would let Vanessa Marianna (Fisk’s love interest) roam about freely. But if there were any rumbling or dealings tied to Kingpin, Vanessa would not be so free. Fisk would accept and be taken into custody by the NYPD.

# 2 Daredevil’s Mom Revealed

Sister Maggie Daredevil

In a shocking moment that would catch Matt Murdock off guard. As Matt was preparing to go to battle against Kingpin, he would be ignoring the council of everyone close to him. But with his powerful hearing ability, Matt would hear Sister Maggie praying to Jack Murdock, Matt’s Father, asking him to protect “their son.” This would stop Matt dead in his tracks from punching on a makeshift punching bag. Murdock would then flee and speak to Father Paul Lantom about his parents.

# 3 Father Lantom’s Death

Father Lantom Daredevil

In a shocking moment when the fake Daredevil would throw his baton at Karen Paige, Father Lantom would step in front of the baton and sacrifice himself for Karen. Father Lantom has been a confidant of Matt Murdock’s since he was a boy at the orphanage. And all throughout his escapades as Daredevil. As Father Lantom was taking his final breath, he would utter the words so only Matt could hear them “Forgive Us, Matthew.” Following the defeat and capture of Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock would speak to Sister Maggie (his mom) about the final words of Father Lantom. And those words would lead to the reconnection of everyone in the life of Matt Murdock and the man in the mask…Daredevil.

# 4 Bullseye Teaser

Bullseye Daredevil

One of the more significant moments in the third season of Daredevil was the inclusion and ultimately the teasing of Bullseye. It was interesting to watch the way they built up the character throughout the season. As the three most prominent characters all dealt with internal struggles. Matt Murdock and isolating himself from his friends. Benjamin Poindexter (fake Daredevil/Bullseye) with his struggles of losing control over himself. And Kingpin with the efforts of living up to the standards and man he thought Vanessa wanted him to be.

This season was a wonderful blueprint for Marvel and Netflix for the production of these series going forward. Now sadly, both Iron Fist and Luke Cage have already been canceled but for different reasons. Luke Cage over creative direction and Iron Fist over lack of interest. (Although I liked the difference that Iron Fist brought to the table compared to the other Defenders.) If Netflix and Marvel continue to produce the content as they did with season three of Daredevil, every show will be a smashing success.

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