MLB: 3 Bold Predictions About 2018 WS

The 2018 MLB World Series begins tonight with the Los Angeles Dodgers taking on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. This series is especially difficult for me as a Yankee fan to watch, as Boston is a heavy favorite. But as a baseball fan, the World Series is always a must watch. And this season is no different. 

The MLB World Series is always a bittersweet time for me, as it provides some of the best baseball all season long. But it also signals the end of the season. And then I am very much like Rogers Hornsby.

Hornsby quote

With the final games of the season looming I bring you my Three Bold Predictions For The 2018 World Series.

# 1 Game One Laser Show

While the Game 1 starting pitching matchup would seem like a no doubt pitcher’s duel, I hypothesize that it will be an all-out slugfest. On any other given day, it can be expected that Clayton Kershaw versus Chris Sale would be a 1-0 or 2-1 kind of contest. But on this the grandest stage of the baseball world these two aces will both falter. And it will leave the game in the hands of the bullpen early. The two teams will combine for over 20 runs scored, and more than five home runs hit. This game will test both teams early on and be left to late game heroics by an unlikely source in the Red Sox dugout.

# 2 Manny The Red Sox Killer

Manny Machado has been the discussion of many controversies from the NLCS. But that did not diminish his production against the Milwaukee Brewers. That being said, Manny has always played exceptionally well against the Red Sox and especially at Fenway Park. And this series should be no different. Manny will put several crushing daggers into the hearts of the Red Sox and the Red Sox nation faithful. I expect Machado to hit at least three home runs and at least 10 RBIs.

# 3 Mookie & Martinez Mash

The top two contenders for the AL MVP by many accounts are sure to add to their claims in the eyes of the fans of the MLB. Mookie Betts and JD Martinez are going to take the Red Sox and put the entire team on their backs. The overwhelming dominance that both men would display would lead to them winning co-World Series MVP’s.

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