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WWE: 4 Key Principals For Successful Evolution

WWE Evolution is less than a week away. And I’ve already been vocal about the lack of buildup for this event. But despite that, the WWE has an opportunity to cement their mark in the rise in Women’s wrestling. With that being said, here are four principals things that WWE Evolution must incorporate. 

# 1 No Comedic Segments

The WWE has been better about treating their Women Superstars just like they do their male counterparts. However, it is not entirely equal. The Women’s division hasn’t been given the same kinds of storyline builds as their male equivalents have. Until the build for this event.

However, we have just two matches built up and booked on believable storylines. The feud of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has been booked well despite the miscasting of the face (Charlotte Flair) and the heel (Becky Lynch.) And the shortly added “main event” of RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella.

While the longest built up matchup is that of Trish Stratus versus Alexa Bliss. A matchup that is seemingly without a real storyline. At this point, that “feud” is being built up around that fact that Alexa is saying that Trish is old and can’t cut it anymore. And again showing the comedic nature that WWE tends to employ with their Women Superstars. So with RAW tonight and Smackdown Live tomorrow being the last opportunities to build hype for WWE Evolution, the decision makers must take their Women Superstars seriously. Because if the WWE makes them seem like a joke, why would the fans believe in them?

# 2 Focus On The Women

Now, this point may seem redundant given the nature that it is an all women’s wrestling event. But let me clarify, the presentation needs to be concentrated on the women and their in-ring action. WWE Evolution should not follow the presentation pattern of RAW of Smackdown Live. It should, however, follow the presentation of NXT. During the weekly NXT broadcast on the WWE Network, the spotlight is on the in-ring competition. Yes, it is a smaller venue at the Full Sail Arena, as will the venue for WWE Evolution. The Evolution event must be present as a showcase in the same way that NXT or the Mae Young Classic is presented. This will focus the live crowd and the fans viewing at home on the action that they talented women in the WWE can provide.

And in my opinion, I think they will have a chance to have people talking about this event as one of the best of the entire year. Also, it should not be about selling tickets for Crown Jewel or plugging the merchandise of the male Superstars or sponsored product the focus must be in the ring.

# 3 Don’t Rush

The long-standing history of the way the Women have been booked are as quick “bathroom break” type of matches. This idea has been shifted somewhat but it needs to be shattered. The women under the WWE banner now are some of the most gifted athletics in professional sports today. And with that as the backdrop the WWE needs to allow their superstars the necessary spotlight and time to shine. You don’t have to think to far back just look at Bayley vs Sasha I or II. And you will see what these women are capable of when given the proper amount of time to tell a story. It is absolutely imperative that the decision makers give every match the necessary time to tell a compelling and believable story.

# 4 Leave The Past In The Past

One thing that the WWE is very predictable on is calling on their legends. And whenever the ratings need a boost, the legends are called. Hence the near weekly returns of the Brothers of Destruction and DX. And this event will be no different, as Trish Stratus, Lita and Torrie Wilson have already been announced. As we discussed earlier Trish and Lita will face off against Alexa Bliss and Mickie James in a tag team match. And in no way shape or form should “Team Bestie For Business!?” (Trish & Lita) win this match over current fulltime talent of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. The WWE across the board needs to focus on this current and future talent. It’s those talents that will secure a future for the WWE moving forward.

If the WWE keeps these four key principals in mind for WWE Evolution, it will without question be one of the best events of the year.

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