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WWE: Smackdown 1000 Not What I Expected

Last night WWE had their weekly episodic television show Smackdown air their 1000th episode. The night was billed as a look back at the previous 1000 episodes and looking forward to the next 1000. However, the night just felt a bit lackluster. Let’s get into some of the highlights. 

The Good 

The night would start with the “canceled” Truth TV. And I’ll be honest I was not expecting to enjoy Truth TV, but in both episodes, R-Truth and Carmella’s dynamic makes for a comical segment. Especially when you add in the factor of the Chairman of the Board Vincent Kennedy McMahon was dancing also. We would later witness the in-ring return of Rey Mysterio Jr. And in a wonderfully booked back and forth match with Shinsuke Nakamura. The winner would gain entry into the WWE Crown Jewel “World Cup Tournament.” We also saw the segment that in my opinion stole the spotlight (and rightfully so) of the night, when Edge would present his “Cutting Edge” talk show with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The segment was beautifully booked and is definitely worth watching back.

The Bad 

So let’s just point out the obvious, the WWE Crown Jewel event has caused a lot of controversies. But we’ll get to that in a moment. The WWE Crown Jewel World Cup is going to have eight competitors that are all American born. WWE has some many amazing wrestlers at their employ and several of foreign descent. Yet they are not having any of those men competing.

As we documented the show opened with Truth TV, and as entertaining as the dynamic is between Truth and Carmella, the same can not be said for Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Shane and Stephanie would begin their repetitive and tired schtick of arguing and putting one another down only to be stopped by Mr. McMahon.

The Ugly

Two things that stood out glaringly to me watching the 1000th episode of Smackdown. First, the segment involving Evolution felt long and drawn out. When this team of legendary wrestlers music hit the crowd popped. But as soon as they all began speaking it felt as if the crowd tuned out because they were expecting more.

The other aspect of this segment that negatively affected it was the parting words by a few men that will not lead to a payoff. If WWE were going to try to capitalize on the exchange between Randy Orton and Batista. Or more importantly the call out of Batista on Triple H then the segment would have left a more resounding impression.

Downright Bad

The WWE has down an inferior job promoting the right WWE Network Special in the eyes of many in the WWE Universe. We have had match after match named for WWE Crown Jewel since before Hell in the Cell. Yet were are less than two weeks away from a historically monumental All-Women’s WWE Network Special, and again there was no build up for that event. Moreover, on Monday Night RAW a battle royal was announced for the event. And it was only then that the Smackdown Women Superstars were informed that they would be participating.

It feels like WWE Evolution is an afterthought for the decision makers in charge. This event has long been asked for since the “Women’s Revolution/Evolution” began. And yet week after week we have gotten no news. Personally, I have been looking forward to this event since the rumors of its inception. As the level of talent Women in the WWE is off the charts. But I am saddened week after week when I feel like these extremely hard-working women are being overlooked. WWE has only one week left to give justice to these talented Women who give up as much (if not more) than their male counterparts.

Time To Reevaluate

It’s time that the WWE reevaluates where it’s headed. Because it’s no secret about the level of the backlash they have received over the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. It’s no secret that they have signed on for a very long and lucrative deal to run shows there. However, at some point, the moral compass must point north, and you have to take a stand. We spoke about this disrespect being shown by the Crown Jewel event. And having it take place only a mere five days following the first ever WWE All Women’s Network Special. But it resounds even more so now. Smackdown 1000 should have been a celebration, but yet it just felt half booked the same way that WWE has been handling the build for WWE Evolution.

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