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Yankees: Offseason Direction

The New York Yankees season has ended. But not in the way any of the players or the fans of the Yankees would have liked. With that in mind, however, the Yanks will now begin the march towards 2019 and World Championship Number 28. 

Under The Luxury Tax Threshold, So Is It Time To Splurge? 

The Yankees spent the last several years getting to this point, getting under the MLB Luxury Tax Threshold. By getting under the threshold the Bronx Bombers will reset their penalty level. Thus allowing them if they so choose to spend on the free agent market like the ways of old. But this organization it’s run the way it used to be run. And while a Steinbrenner is still at the helm, Hal isn’t like George. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Yanks can not approach free agency the same way as the late 90’s because it isn’t the same style of market.

It’s Still Free Agency!

Yes, I know it sounds silly because players contracts expire and they hit the market, that’s free agency in a nutshell. But the market doesn’t get to receive the same caliber player it once did. Now I know I’m saying this as the two most sought-after free agents in recent memory are about to hit the market in their prime. But that is a rarity in today’s game. With million sometimes billion dollar television deals for teams on their local networks, the game, and all its clubs, are flooded with cash.

So those “High Profile” free agents don’t hit the market in their mid to late twenties anymore (Manny Machado and Bryce Harper excluded.) Your top-tier talent hits the market in their early to mid-thirties. And at that point clubs are reevaluating and looking to go younger. As last offseason’s market showed us that clubs are looking to extend their young players not buy someone else’s castaways.

What’s The Right Move Then? Do The  Yankees Buy? Or Just Stand Pat? 

The Yankees will no doubt be judicious in how they go about their spending this coming offseason. As the postseason showed up the Yankees rotation struggled and lead to several questionable calls by rookie manager Aaron Boone. Questionable calls that would not have been made if the starters had not struggled. Moves will be made to bolster this team ahead of the 2019 season. The starting rotation must be an area of focus.

The Yanks were hit hard early in the season when Jordan Montgomery went down. During his unexpected brilliant 2017 campaign Monty would give the Yanks a level of stability that was lacking this season. And although Monty is currently recovering from TJS he is expected to return during the 2019 campaign.

In The Name Steinbrenner, We Must Trust

After the embarrassment that was this year’s ALDS some kind of big-time move must be made. Although he may not display the same fire his father did, there’s no doubt in my mind that Hal Steinbrenner wants to win. And there’s no doubt that if the right deal is to be made, Hal will make the deal.

There’s A Plan

Obviously, Brian Cashman and his lieutenants are going to have a plan of attack for the offseason. In my opinion, they have had a plan in place for this offseason for probably the last five years (maybe longer.) Brian Cashman has only recently begun to receive the credit he has long since deserved for being a savvy general manager. Cash has been able to work out trades where the Yankees trade from depth. A depth that he and his team cultivated from nothing into one of the best farm systems in baseball.

Over the last three seasons, we have seen Yankee drafted or signed homegrown stars like Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, the aforementioned Jordan Montgomery, and most recently Miguel Andújar all make serious contributions for the Yankees. (Gleyber was an import from the Chicago Cubs in the Aroldis Chapman deal, not a Yankee sign.) It was Cashman at the head of all of these moves. And with that, he’s also made some very good signings. So with the offseason for the Yankees beginning earlier than we wanted, this just gives Cashman even more time to make the right deal.

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