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MLB: American League Wildcard Preview

One game is all that decides a winner. Just one game separates both the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics from their goal. Only one game left from taking the first step in the ultimate goal, winning the MLB World Series. The Yankees and A’s will put their entire seasons on the line, in tonight’s AL Wildcard game.

Everything’s Better in the Bronx

The New York Yankees had a very strong season, finishing with an MLB third-best record of 100-62. However, for fans of the Yankees though it’s felt like an up and down season. But it is no secret that the Yankees are a much better team when playing in the Bronx. Just think back to last season’s postseason. The Yankees would win every home game but were only successful in one away game. This season the Yankees are hoping to maintain their dominance over the MLB in the Bronx.

The Yankees will be starting their ace, Luis Severino. Sevvy would start the season out like a house of fire. Then the middle of the season would turn for the worst, with an ERA of nearly 7.00. However, of the last three starts, Luis has seemed to turn it back around, with an ERA of just over 2.00. The Bronx Bombers will be looking to dominate the Oakland A’s formidableĀ bullpen with timely hitting and powerful blast.

Always the Underdog: The Oakland A’s Story

The A’s are used to the role they find themselves in again this season. The role of underdog and counted out from the start. Yet, Oakland and the Yankees matchup quite evenly. As both ballclubs rely on their power, in the pen, and at the plate. The A’s will be “opening” the game with Liam Hendricks and they will bullpen the entire game. In their meetings in New York earlierĀ this season, the A’s lost two of three. But when the Yanks would venture to Oakland they would return the favor. The season series between these teams is split three apiece. And this game should highlight that exact principle.

Resulting Outcome

This AL Wildcard game should symbolize a new wave in MLB. As the era of the bullpen revolution will be on full display. Both the Athletics and the Yankees will rely heavily on their phenomenal bullpens. And offensively the team that can cut down on the strikeouts, and that defensively can lock it down will be victorious.

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