MLB: The National League Wildcard Is Set

In a rarity for the MLB one sixty-two games were not enough to determine the winners. And for the first time in MLB history, there was a need for not one but two deciding games 163’s. But now we know the setup. Now we know that the unpredictability is just beginning. 

The MLB playoffs is an atmosphere that is unlike any other sport. It is the time of year where legends are born. And mere mortals elevated to the status of mythological Greek gods. This year the aura and atmosphere are different even more so. Just think about this the 2016 World Series champions with a nearly identical ballclub could be eliminated at home, at Wrigley Field, by last season’s NL Wildcard losers the Colorado Rockies.

Rockies Ready To Blast

But don’t get caught sleeping on the Rockies, as they have a very formidable team. The Blake Street Bombers are a team no one expected in this position. Yet all season they would remain toe-to-toe and in the race with the powerhouse LA Dodgers. The Rockies have the criminally overlooked Nolan Arenado having another stellar season. Another season in which despite leading the NL in RBI’s (again) his contributions are overlooked in the MVP discussion. The Colorado Rockies are looking to make some serious noise.

Wrigley Warriors

But standing in the way of the Rockies are the 2016 World Champs, the Chicago Cubs. As I said, the Cubs have much of that same core that won them the championship just two years ago. This season the MVP chatter isn’t following Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant though. The MVP chatter is developing around “The Magician, El Mago” Javier Baez. In a season where he started out batting eighth in front of the pitcher, Baez turned that all around this year. Javy is amongst the greatest defenders in the history of the MLB. And clearly the king of the no-look tag. But this season, Javy took his offensive game to new heights. And on his back, the Cubs would make their way into the NL playoff picture.

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