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The Laracuente Ledger Review: Spider-Man PS4

This past Friday, September 7th, Insomniac games in conjunction with Marvel and Sony release Marvel Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead.) This game is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and that’s just web-swinging through New York City. So on this “National Video Games Day” let’s review the new Spider-Man game. 

Main Story: Sinister Six

The main storyline arch to Spider-Man focuses on the six main villains in Spider-Man’s Universe, or his Spidey-Verse if you will. At the outset of the game, most of these baddies are locked up in a supermax floating prison called “The Raft.” That’s relevant for later, but I digress. As Spidey, you spend time swinging through the city stopping crimes and completing a plethora of side missions in order to level up. As you level up you are able to unlock many upgrades. Things like new Spidey suits or gadgets, as well as skills to help you develop.  More on those in a moment. As the game progresses you begin to face the ever-growing fear and uncertainty of who is really running the group of terror-inducing maniacs known as the Demons. This group of masked criminals seemingly gifted with special abilities are constantly attacking the city and it’s Mayor, Norman Osborn.

Later in the game, the villains from the raft and from real-life prison “Rikers” make their escapes and start to terrorize the city. Spidey must swing into action and save the city. Throughout the battles with the demons and escaped convicts, you are sent down a path of realization and shocking revelations. Ultimately, leading to a final battle against the big boss who’s been behind things all along. Once you think the hard-hitting blows have ended you are hit with one more. No spoilers on what that is, you will have to find out for yourselves.

Side Missions: Just You’re Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Beyond the main story, the game as you would expect several different side missions. Missions like pigeon chasing and searching for Pete’s misplaced backpacks are just two of many. These missions will extend the gameplay and also the replayability of the game itself. The side missions give you even more of an opportunity to earn XP to level up.

Speaking of leveling up, in the game, there are gadgets like web shooters, spider drones, and, web bombs just to name a few. Likewise, there are many different verses of Spidey’s suit that give you specific powers. These powers are usable once unlocked with any Spidey suit. And there are skills as well that you acquire from skill points across the game.

Is Spider-Man Worth the Buy? 

This game has a compelling story and many side missions that can extend the gameplay for hours. The main story is packed with a cinematic type feel. And even if you focus solely on the main story it will take you some time to get to the end. So with the main story and side missions in this game, you can be sure you are getting a top-tier game. I definitely recommend this game.

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