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A Thirty Year Old Laracuente

Over the weekend my family and I celebrated my thirtieth birthday, which is today. It is a strange feeling for me to have so much attention on me. I know that may seem like eyewash because I have this website where I write every Monday through Friday. But if you go back and look over the last nine-plus months so few have been about me personally. And even some that are about me, point to a different overall topic. So celebrating me was weird.

Looking Back

However, knowing that the festivities were happening and that the theme was going to be about one of the great interests that I have maintained throughout my life I took a look back. The theme for the event was wrestling. If you have read the Laracuente Ledger before you know that baseball and wrestling are my passions. So having the party be wrestling themed was great for me. And it brought back memories of my childhood where my cousins, sister and I would wrestle in my grandmom’s basement.

Reminiscing on the History

We created our own promotion. And we would spend hours “honing our craft.” In preparation for the party, I would put together a highlight package from our wrestling days. It was nice to see the different reactions of my sister and cousins who wrestled. But also seeing the reactions of the rest of our family.

We had some laughs in the video as well as a heavy but heartfelt moment. As in the video, my uncle who passed two years ago was involved in one of our matches. While I knew that He was in the match, no one else did. Surprisingly, even those that were involved in the match did not remember his involvement. It was a moment that hit everyone I bit differently. But they were glad to see him again.

Thank You

So I just want to say thank you. Thank you to my family for a wonderful event and for supporting me through everything. Thank you to my friends for keeping me level while still pushing me forward. And thank you to all of you who read The Laracuente Ledger.


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