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Hey Yankees It’s Stretch Time

After a rough and sloppy series with the Chicago White Sox, The Yankees have faced struggles all season long. Whether from injury or inconsistency they have not played the type of baseball that is expected of this team. This is a topic we have discussed on several occasions at this point. Our previous articles about the “lifeless” nature of the team. Or how the Yanks “Must Get Back to Basics.” And even more recently that it is time to “Flip the Switch.” have all discussed the needs of this 2018 version of the Bronx Bombers.

Playing To Competition 

If you have watched this team with any regularity this season, you have seen the Yankees play to the level of their competition. Prior to last weekend’s sweep of the Baltimore Orioles, the Bombers had a .500 record against Baltimore. And just as equal a record against the Tampa Bay Rays. While the Rays are an underrated team this season, the O’s are not. Yet the Yanks could only match them.

And that has now been made even more clear with the series loss to the rebuilding Chicago White Sox. Not to mention the demoralizing loss to the Detroit Tigers last night. The Yankees have played the top tier teams extremely strong. But the team that the Yanks should handle with ease are the teams they struggle with mightily.

Time To Step Up

The Yankees following this four-game set with the Tigers will head out West. They will take on the red-hot Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners and end the road trip in Minnesota against the Twins. Prior to the road trip, the Yanks are expected to get back Gary Sanchez (Saturday) and Didi Gregorius (Monday) is all goes according to plan. However, the biggest question still facing the Yankees is the most crucial to their success. When will Aaron Judge return? That question still remains a mystery. Although the initial 3-week prognosis was handled in an un-Yankee like manner. The more than a month-long injury still has no end date in sight.

Reinforcements Inbound

Following the brutal loss, last night to the Tigers and the horribly played series with the White Sox the Yanks have made a move. Andrew McCutchen was acquired last night. This move provides the Yankees with a much-needed improvement to their outfield depth. With Judge still on the mend, for God only knows how long, and Giancarlo Stanton still somewhat nursing a hamstring issue, McCutchen is a welcomed addition.

On top of adding Andrew McCutchen, when the clock strikes September the Major League rosters can expand from 25 to 40. This means the Yanks can call up any and all of their 40-man roster to assist the Major League ballclub. Players like Tyler Wade, Chance Adams, Jonathan Loaisiga, the Domingo Boys (German, Acevedo), Clint Frazier, and even possibly “reliever” Justus Sheffield can help the Yankees.

It’s Stretch Time

The “Dog Days of Summer” are over and it’s now the home stretch for the playoffs. The Yankees have the talent to be able to make a serious run at the Commissioner’s Trophy. But they can not continue playing the way they have over this past week. Sloppy defense, leaving runners in scoring position and swinging 3-0 when a pitcher has walked two and can’t find the broad side of a barn cannot continue. This is the time of the season that (to quote the Macho Man Randy Savage) the cream rises to the top. The Boston Red Sox have proved that they are human after a sweep last weekend by Tampa. But the Yanks have to play a better brand of baseball to make the AL East Division a real race.

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