You’re Missing Out If You’re​ Not Watching MLB Now

Anyone who knows me or has read this site over the last eight-plus months knows I love baseball. And how I love to study the advanced statistics as well. On top of that, I spend much of my day with the MLB Network on my tv. My favorite show on the MLB Network is MLB Now, “The show for the thinking fan.”

From the early days of Clubhouse Confidential the predecessor of MLB Now, the program is usually hosted by Mr. Brian Kenny, author of Ahead of the Curve. MLB Now discusses a variety of topics across the world of Major League Baseball. Ranging from the impact signings and trades to the advancement of out of the box thinking like that of “The Opener.” A topic that has been discussed on this very site as well “Opener The Discussion.”

Challenging The Status Quo

MLB NOW Hit or Error

Hit or Error

There are a number of segments on MLB Now that are very intriguing and bring about an extensive discussion from the panelist during a given episode. At the moment, none more than the new segment of “Hit or Error.”

Mr. Kennybrings up the fact that today’s game is vastly different from the early days of the game’s inception. And therefore we can not continue to score the game the same way. When errors were instituted the game was played differently. Fielder didn’t have gloves and there were roughly twelve plus errors committed a game. But now the game isn’t played or fielded the same way. Fielders are much better equipped and far fewer errors committed throughout the course of games.

The predecessor to the “Hit or Error” game was the “Kill the Error” movement. And Mr. Kenny would show many clips from recent games where balls put in play were called errors in one game. And a nearly identical play would result in a hit. Mr. Kenny would postulate that the decision to proclaim a ball put in play a hit or an error was entirely arbitrary. And if a batter put a ball in play and reaches base safely, that batter should be rewarded with a base hit.

MLB Now Cooperstown Justice

Cooperstown Justice 

Another segment on MLB Now that happens every season is entitled “Cooperstown Justice.” This is a segment where the Hall of Fame candidates that sometimes get overlooked get reexamined. Players like Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Scott Rolen, Omar Vizquel and many more have their Case for Cooperstown presented. (We here at the Laracuente Ledger present our Case for CC Sabathia and Chase Utley.) And player’s that (due to overcrowding on the HOF ballots) don’t get their proper due are presented to be reconsidered and reevaluated.

Think Baseball

Every episode covers a wide arrangement of topics and have different guests that appear. MLB Now is a program that will challenge the mind of anyone who is open enough to consider a different approach. Watching MLB Now will give a different perspective on America’s Favorite Pasttime, that you won’t be able to get from any one program. Hit or Error and Cooperstown Justice are just two of the many segments that can enlighten that mind of any baseball fan. And the program always ends with a question to challenge you and make you “Think Baseball.”

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