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3 Up and 3 Down: New York Yankees 8/21

The New York Yankees are coming off a series sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays. And celebrated the twenty year anniversary of the 1998 team. And while there were mostly positives were had this weekend, the Yanks were dealt a massive blow with a potential injury to shortstop Didi Gregorius. While no word was official has been announced. It has been suggested that Didi will likely hit the DL. So as the Bronx Bombers head to South Florida to take on the Miami Marlins let’s take a look at some the players that help the Yankees take care of business. And others that struggled despite the team’s success. And check back at previous 3 Up and 3 Down countdown.

1 Up- Aroldis Chapman

While just last week the Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman was on the opposite side of this countdown, this week he’s on the up and up. Aroldis has dealt with tendinitis in his knee all season long. That has lead to some struggles this season. However, over his last seven games, Chapman has an ERA of just 2.57 with 5 saves and 16 strikeouts. While the walks are a bit high with 7 in 7 innings of work the “Cuban Missile” has been effective.

1 Down- Didi Gregorius

Didi Gregorius has had a good year (minus May), but after a collision at first base with the Blue Jays’ Kendrys Morales, he is likely headed to the DL. Gregorius has played in a majority of the Yankees games this season due to a lack of depth at the shortstop position. And if Didi is down for an extended period of time, the Yankees will face a severe challenge.

2 Up- Chad Green

Chad Green established himself last season as a dominant reliever. And while some parts of this season Green has struggled somewhat his dominance has returned. Over his last seven games, Green has pitched to an ERA 2.25 with a strikeout per inning. For the Bombers to succeed in the playoffs, Green will be a key factor.

2 Down- Greg Bird

Greg Bird was billed as the future at first base for the New York Yankees. Yet as his young career has unfolded he has faced many struggles. Mostly due to injuries, however inconsistency and ineffectiveness have also hampered Bird’s development. So much so that many Yankee fans have questioned if he will remain in the Bronx. Over his last 7 games, Bird is slashing just .167/.286/.458.

3 Up- David Robertson

David Robertson better known at times as “Houdini” has been pitching very effectively for the Yanks since his reacquisition from the Chicago White Sox in 2017. Over his last 7 games, D-Rob has an ERA of 0.00. Robertson along with all the other Yankee relievers are going to be called upon a lot during the stretch run this season.

3 Down- Neil Walker

Neil Walker has been the talk of much debate this season in the Bronx. For much of the season, Walker has struggled, and recently even more so. Over his last 7 games, Walker is slashing .143/.308/.286. When a hitter is slugging under .300, it is not a good sign. The versatility Walker provides the Yankees can only account for so much. Neil Walker must start hitting again if he is going to keep a spot on this roster.

B.O.L.O- Ronald Torreyes

Ronald Torreyes was recalled from the minors, and everyone is happy about it. As “Toe” is one of the most popular guys in that Yanks clubhouse. However, beyond being a positive influence in the clubhouse Torreyes is capable of doing what very few can. As a bench player, you do not get much time in the lineup. And when you do it is usually in an unenviable spot. Yet Toe is capable of producing. Over his last 7 games, Torreyes is slashing .292/.320/.417. So look for the Yanks to keep the party going with Torreyes and the “TOE-Night Show.”

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