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3 Up and 3 Down: New York Yankees 8/14

Over the course of the 2018 MLB season, the New York Yankees have experienced many things. Early in the season, they looked like a team capable of “Chasing a Dynasty” (which it seems the Boston Red Sox are now doing.) Then for several weeks of the season, they looked “lifeless.” With the “Dog Days of Summer” here the Yankees will need to continue pressing forward into a playoff spot. They are currently trying to fend off the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners. While simultaneously trying to dwindle the lead the Boston has for the division. So let’s examine some players who have both helped and hurt that cause. 

1 Up- Lance Lynn

Since his acquisition, Lance Lynn has pitched extremely effective for Yanks. But it goes beyond the three games he has pitched in for the Yankees. Lynn over his last seven games has pitched to the tune of a 2.33 ERA over 38.2 innings. Lance Lynn has surpassed the production the Yankees have been given by Sonny Gray and thus replaced him in the rotation. A trade that was seen as a depth move has now manifested into a truly necessary move.

1 Down- Aroldis Chapman

In what has been a strange turn the dominant closer has fallen on hard times. Chapman has struggled mightily in recent games. Over his last seven games, Chapman has an ERA of 7.50 with ten base on balls. Aroldis Chapman is of the utmost importance to the Yankees World Series aspirations, and the Yanks need to get him right.

2 Up- Miguel Andújar

Miguel Andújar has been raking all season long. His incredible bat lead to Brandon Drury being expendable via trade. Over his last seven games, Andújar is slashing .346/.393/.731 with three home runs and eight RBIs. Miguel has made himself into a key part of the Yankees lineup. And his production is going to be a continued part while Judge and Sanchez remain on the DL.

2 Down- Zach Britton

The acquisition of Zach Britton was seen as a good move by Yankee GM Brian Cashman. And it should work out that way by seasons end, but it hasn’t quite yet. Over his last seven games, Britton has an ERA of 7.11 with six walks and five earned runs. Britton is going to be a key piece in the Yankees bullpen for the playoffs and mist right the ship.

3 Up- Giancarlo Stanton

This isn’t a new thing, as Giancarlo Stanton has found himself on this list before. Throughout the season Stanton has been a key piece for the Yankees. Currently, he has thirty home runs seventy-six RBIs and has a batting average over .280. The Yankees have relied on Stanton since Aaron Judge when down. And they will continue to look to “Big G” to keep up his level of production into the playoffs.

3 Down- Luis Severino

To say that Sevy has struggled is an understatement. Over his last seven games, Sevy has pitched to an ERA of 7.50. Severino has struggled with command and keeping the ball in the yard. Luis has been the unquestioned ace of the Yankees this season. However, he is going to need to get back to form if the Yankees are going to have any chance to win in October.

B.O.L.O.- Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka had been pitching well for the Yankees since his return from the DL. Even with a bit of a blip against the Texas Rangers on Friday Tanaka has still pitched to an ERA of 2.90 in his last seven games. If the Bronx Bombers have any hope to win in October, all starters including Tanaka are going to be a vital key.

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