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Renee Young Making History on Monday Night RAW

WWE has announced that Renee Young will be stepping in next week on Monday Night RAW for Jonathan Coachman. This marks the first time a woman will call an entire episode of Monday Night RAW in WWE History. Renee Young is a wonderful announcer who is extremely intelligent and has long deserved this opportunity. However, I do not see this as Renee merely filling in for Coach. This is Renee auditioning to call WWE’s First Ever All Women’s PPV Special Evolution. (Spoiler Alert) Renee is going to be awesome. 

No One Better

While the WWE has some very talented backstage personnel, none hold the level that Renee Young has achieved. Renee has been a wrestling fan and knows the nuances of the business. Young understands the impact that something as small as a facial tick can give the story so much more depth. I have long believed that Renee should be the play-by-play announcer in WWE. And this opportunity is the first step in that direction.

Auditioning For Evolution

As I said I believe that this is WWE’s way of testing Renee to see if she can handle the spotlight of the lead commentator. Because an All Women’s PPV needs an All Women’s Commentary team. It is not an easy job being a WWE Commentator with having to promote the WWE Network along with any and all other outside promotional items. Not to mention the actual match calling, something that gets overlooked by the team in the “Gorilla Position.” But Renee is more than ready to handle that role. I believe that Evolution will feature a two or three woman commentary team of Renee Young, Stephanie McMahon, and Beth Pheonix (if she isn’t competing.)

WWE Evolution

Many things have been said about the upcoming All Women’s PPV Evolution, some positive some negative. I for one am extremely excited because the talented WWE Superstars in the Women’s Division are some of the most gifted performers WWE has to offer. And they all work together knowing that they have the opportunity to engrave their names in the annals of history. I believe that this WWE Network Special will be one of the best network specials we have had all year. Next week I will put together my “Dream Card for WWE Evolution.” But the addition of Renee Young to the Monday Night RAW commentary team is a huge step forward en route to WWE Evolution.

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