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Building Up The Laracuente Ledger

Sometimes I will sit down to begin typing with no clear story in mind to tell. I just let my fingers start moving across the keyboard and whatever flows out becomes the story. Why do I bring this up you ask? Well, it is straightforward this endeavor has been something that I never thought possible. Something I never thought I would continue doing week after week and story after story. 

Truth Be Told

The Laracuente Ledger was something I had in mind for a very long time before actually penning my first post “Road To 28 and Beyond” on December 29th of 2017. In my life many a project have I started with good intentions and yet nothing would be completed. Although I knew I had a lot to say on the worlds of Major League Baseball and Professional Wrestling I wasn’t sure if I would follow through (as had been my pattern.) Yet here we are.

The Laracuente Ledger has also been able to foster new writers who have created content. These writers are able to help reach another sector of the population that may not be driven by my content. With pieces about life, entertainment, religion and much more they are able to express their own desires and opinions without fear of censorship.

The Laracuente Ledger is built on respect for people and on quality of content. We have also been able to spotlight some individuals building up and breaking out in their own way. With our series ” The Laracuente Ledger Spotlight” we have spoken with young aspiring musician Chris Grant Jr and also the Autism Awareness movement of Toy Quest 101. We are looking to have more spotlight in the future as well. If anyone knows of a special organization of person trying to make a difference or standout have them reach out to the Laracuente Ledger.

And as always we are looking for more creative individuals ready to impart the world with their ideas. If that sounds like you let us know below.

Future Projects

As was chronicled a few weeks ago in our piece entitled “Go Back and Rewatch“A small group of Superhero Enthusiasts and I got together and film the first episode of The Laracuente Ledger Superhero Roundtable Discussion. And that it’s not the only new venture coming up for The Ledger. Some of the enterprises are too early in the process to discuss, but they are in the works.

One venture that The Laracuente Ledger is looking to expand into the world of the podcast. A baseball related podcast entitled the “Baseball Banter Broadcast” is the next venture coming from the Ledger. When I started this venture eight-plus months ago, I couldn’t have imagined the undertaking it would become. But I also couldn’t believe the joy that I have had throughout the entire experience. And I look forward to branching out into different avenues to continue building up The Laracuente Ledger.

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