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The Lifeless New York Yankees

Over the last two games, the New York Yankees have seemed lifeless. They have seemed to almost concede the division. The Yankees are within fighting distance of the AL East Division crown but they have to play better. But in order for the Yankees to achieve their ultimate goal they of winning the World Series they have to get life back into their play. Hopefully, some of the additions during this trading season can help like they did in 2017.

In watching the last two games against the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox the Yankees have had a number of defensive lapses. We have witnesses pitchers and position players both failing to cover bases. Sloppy play in the field, lackluster at-bats and just overall less than the type of baseball we saw from this team early in the season.

This team has been praised for how their young players have played in their short MLB tenures. However, this team needs the veterans to set a tone to wake this team up. August is typically referred to as the “Dog Days of Summer” the Bombers are functioning as if they have been sapped of their energy and life.

Still A Chance

With the lack of quality starts the Yankees have gotten out of Sonny Gray he has now been moved to the bullpen. The newly acquired Lance Lynn will take his spot in the rotation. However, between the short starts by Gray and CC Sabathia, the Yankees must decide on another starter for Saturday’s game. On the YES Network broadcast Chance Adams’ name came up quite a bit. They speculated that he could be a potential candidate to start that game.

Playing For Second

WIth the play that has been witness lately it almost seems as if they have given up. The AL East division is still within reach but it requires changing what they have been doing over the last several weeks. The Red Sox have outplayed the Yankees this season. Their play against lesser teams has been the difference. The Yankees up until last night had played well against the more top-tier competition. But have struggled against teams they should have beaten. The Yankees have gone 6-6 against Baltimore for example, whereas the Red Sox have gone 10-2.

However, even with the embarrassing loss to the Red Sox last night the Bronx Bombers still maintain a lead for the AL Wildcard. The Yankees are also still in possession of the second best record this season. The Yankees have time to come back and still win the division. But it will take a full team effort to turn around in the current mentality that this team has shown over the last two days.

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