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Capturing The Eye: 3 DCEU Projects

Comic-Con was once again packed full of information for upcoming movies and TV shows. This year I was more attentive to the information that I have been in previous years. News coming out of the DCEU camp captured more of my imagination. Although there was a lot more that can be written about I’ll just talk about three upcoming DCEU projects. Previously we have covered other topics related to the DCEU and its content. 


DC Titans

The trailer for DC Titans provided a very dark and gritty looking feel. It is a feeling that has been asked for from the DCEU movies. So if the DC Universe streaming network can provide that feel it may very well be worth the $75 annual fee.



I am a fan of Zachary Levi and a fan of his old show Chuck. So I am looking forward to seeing him play Captain Marvel, oh wait I mean Shazam. Yes, in the comic books he is known as Captain Marvel but we won’t get into that. The first trailer was comical and it will be interesting to see the film in its full incarnation early next year.



Last but certainly not least the first trailer for Aquaman man was released. Aquaman was constantly the butt of jokes by comic book fans. That was until Jason Momoa became the ruler of the seven seas in Justice League. Momoa will once again reprise his role as the Atlantean. With all the changes that the hierarchy at DC has undergone, we as fans are hopeful that they can get their acts together. We hope that they have finally found a direction and will stick to it. Unlike what they’ve done previously. That being said the solo films under the DCEU banner have been successful and Aquaman should be no different.


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