Who’s Winning The MLB Home Run Derby?


With the Home Run Derby competitors announced the field is set. The Home Run Derby is always a spectacular show. And with the All-Star Game being set in Washington DC a lot of support should be had for the hometown boy Bryce Harper. “Who Makes The Derby?” is a piece I wrote with players that I would have loved to see in the Derby this season.

The fans, the players, and announcers alike are often raised out of their seats. The sight of the ball jumping into rare parts of the stadiums can cause an uproar. Seeing the swarms of fans scrambling for the ball is another part of the entertainment. The overall feel throughout the All-Star break is set up by the excitement brought on by the Home Run Derby.


Each round’s matchup has been determined by their current home run totals. The matchups are very interesting as you have Rhys Hoskins of the first place NL East Philadelphia Phillies and Jesus Aguilar of the first place NL Central Milwaukee Brewers.

In an NL East matchup, the hometown Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper takes on the Atlanta Braves Freddie Freeman. Another matchup includes somewhat of a 2017 NLCS rematch when the Los Angeles Dodger Max Muncy takes on the Chicago Cub Javier Baez. And lastly, we have the lone AL representative in the Home Run Derby of the World Champions Houston Astros Alex Bregman takes on the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber.

My Prediction

On you can cast your vote for the winner of each matchup. As well as how many home runs each home run hitter will have in the final round. And the furthest home run hit.

Round 1

Jesus Aguilar over Rhys Hoskins

Bryce Harper over Freddie Freeman

Javier Baez over Max Muncy

Kyle Schwarber over Alex Bregman

Round 2

Jesus Aguilar over Kyle Schwarber

Bryce Harper over Javier Baez

Final Round 

Bryce Harper (10) over Jesus Aguilar (9)

The distance of Furthest Home Run 

504 by Jesus Aguilar

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