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Bucket List Tracker: 4 Down, 26 To Go

Yesterday, I was in Baltimore for the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles Doubleheader. It was my first trip to Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore Maryland. However, while the initial reason for going to the game was a graduation present for my Godson and his girlfriend. It also served another purpose for me, and that is the one item on my bucket list. I want to watch a game at every ballpark in MLB.

The journey down and back had some trials. As we began our trip I realized I had forgotten the tickets and we had to go back for them. And on the trip back I had the GPS on my phone set to walk home instead of driving back. That sent us through a wild little tour of Baltimore. However, it was a fun experience with my Godson and his girlfriend. And just a quick side note Yankee fans travel. There were many more Yankee fans that Orioles fans at the games.

Shattered Record

Now when teams play a split doubleheader, as a fan you expect the teams to split the games. As it is very difficult to win two games back to back. And while the Yankees had the lead for the majority of the first game they didn’t have the lead when it counted. The final out of the first game had the score Baltimore 5- New York Yankees 4.

I am a big Yankees fan as everyone who knows me (or who have read the Laracuente Ledger) can attest to. So what made the loss in the first game so painful was the fact that I had an undefeated streak in Yankee games that I attended. But the team recovered quickly and dominated in the second game. Finishing up with a score of 10-2. Now with the split in yesterday’s doubleheader, the Yankees record in games I attend is 7-1.

BallParks List

In my quest to complete my solitary bucket list item, I have been to four ballparks thus far. I am planning to make another trip or two to other ballparks before the season concludes.

Yankee Stadium

Obviously, the New Yankee Stadium has been home to most of the games I have seen in recent memory and why I haven’t visited more ballparks. Because I love watching my team play. I have seen many great games at the Stadium including Player’s Weekend (Aroldis Chapman Bobblehead Day) and even A-Rod’s last game. I also wrote a piece about that game entitled “A Lightning Rod.”

Citizen’s Bank Park

But I have also seen quite a few games at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia. Living a short car ride outside of Philly makes it easy to attend Phillies games.

Citi Field

Due to Hurricane Harvey, last year the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays had a series moved to New York, at the home of the Mets, Citi Field. And I was able to get tickets to that game and attend it as well. Knocking off another stadium from my list.


Orioles Park at Camden Yards

And now I’ve been able to add the next chapter and put Orioles Park on the list.

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