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GLOW: And It’s Potential Impact on Women’s Wrestling

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or GLOW released their second season on Netflix at the end of last month. The show gives a much-needed spotlight to Women’s wrestling.

The world of women’s wrestling has grown exponentially over the last few years. Promotions like Shine and Shimmer are devoted to women’s wrestling. And the field has some of the most talented wrestlers in the business male or female.

Exposure and Equal Footing

Women’s wrestling has been elevated leaps and bounds since the “Attitude Era.” When women were used as nothing more than comic relief and sex symbols. Only a few women were given more of a chance during that time. Yet, everyone else was not given the level of credit and competence that they truly deserved.

However, WWE has since changed their philosophy on the matter and rightfully so. Competitors like Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Becky Lynch began putting on classics in NXT. And these professional wrestlers began to transform the landscape. Leading to women headlining WWE Pay-Per-Views. While also taking part in matches like Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, TLC, and all the other match types their male counterparts compete in.

Ivelisse “La Sicaría” 

One of my personal favorite wrestlers is known as La Sicaría Ivelisse Velez. Ivelisse has spent time wrestling for many companies including WWE, TNA, Impact, Lucha Underground, Shine and many more. Ivelisse is one of the best workers in the business as often gets praise from male wrestlers. During her time with Lucha Underground, she is often mixing it up with the men and often finds her hand being raised at the end of the match.

GLOW’s Impact

The real impact that a product like GLOW truly has is about desire. The desire that they have to prove they are more than just eye candy. But in fact, they can be just as good if not better than their male counterparts. When you watch GLOW it gives a real look into the struggles that women face in the male-dominated world of professional wrestling to be accepted and respected.

This isn’t the first time that I have written about women’s wrestling. As “Crucial Next Step in WWE’s Women’s Evolution” was a piece I wrote on January 1st of this year. Women’s wrestling is in a good place yet at times these talented women do not get the respect they deserve. A show like GLOW can bring some much needed mainstream exposure and awareness to some amazing wrestling.

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