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Yes, I Will Be Your Neighbor, Mr. Rogers

Recently, I saw the film about Mr. Fred Rogers entitled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” It was a biopic of his career and his show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. So without spoiling the film, I just wanted to discuss the life and career of Mr. Fred Rogers. 

Watching this movie brought me back to my childhood. Growing up I would watch Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood all the time. I would learn, laugh and sing along as every kid did. This film brought to life Mr. Rogers real desire for kids to learn and grow. Because children were and still are the future.

Life’s Early Path

As Fred was beginning his path to our televisions screen, he was actually an ordained Minister. He also worked closely with early childhood development specialist and psychologist. These groups that he worked with lead him to be able to understand the mental makeup of young children. And the need for good Godly guidance.

Fred Rogers was planning to attend Seminary, but just before his first semester, he went back to his home in Pittsburgh Pennslyvania. And when he saw the quality of the content on the television screens that was aimed at children, he knew he couldn’t stand idly by. Fred began working for a local tv station in the steel city on a show called “Children’s Corner.” Ultimately, Fred would discover his true calling.

Mr. Rogers Is Born

After the early workings of Children’s Corner, Mr. Rogers was unsatisfied. This then lead to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred then used his early childhood education and real desire to see children grow and succeed. He used that desire to fuel him to produce the quality of content missing from children’s programming then and honestly even more now.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood thought valuable lessons to children about their worth, about how to love and respect one another. But it also taught children about how to deal with loss and sadness. About how to deal with anger and insecurities.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Again, I am not looking to spoil the film. However, I want to make it clear that it is a wonderful film about a great man. It is a movie that I recommend everyone go and see. The movie is playing now in select theaters. Mr. Rogers impacted many lives throughout his time on television. And this film will show you that impact. And it also have you asking the question “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

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