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Go Back and Rewatch

Over the last few weeks, I have gone back to rewatch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Going back and rewatching TV and movie series isn’t something new for me. It is actually a practice that I have had for many years. But it offers something new each time.

Now in going back to rewatch the MCU having already seen Avenger Infinity War (twice) gave me a new perspective. Storylines that were initially forgotten were quickly identifiable. And it called to mind the old axiom of “Hindsight is 20/20 vision.” Watching back the previous movies, you find yourself looking for the introductions of characters. Looking for the mentions to the six “Infinity Stones.” And just how they all tie in together.

What Kevin Feige and the others in charge at Marvel have done is weave a beautifully connected story. Although they have a wealth of source material to work with, it still takes precise planning and forethought to map out the plan. And a fortitude to stick with it.

Why Do I Bring This Up?

A few weeks ago I and a few very good close friends sat down to have our first installment of a Superhero Discussion panel. In which we discussed main the MCU and DCEU and their most recent team-up films, Avengers Infinity War and Justice League. While I won’t go into details of the discussion here (the full conversation is coming soon right here on I will say that much of the conversation compared the two films.

Quick Side Bar

The comparisons don’t match up perfectly but in dealing with recency bias we compared them anyway. Since then I have written about my love of Superheroes and my petition to DC and Warner Brothers. In my petition to DC and WB, I identify a simple way to correct the shortcomings they have had in their cinematic universe.

Why Go Back?

Many times when I say to people that I am going back to rewatch a series or a particular movie it is met with long inquisitive looks. Looks of why would you want to go back and see something you’ve already seen? And for me the answer is simple. I enjoy them.

For example, I love the Big Bang Theory tv show. I have seen every episode since the beginning multiple times. I have gone back and rewatched the entire series start to present on multiple occasions. Usually just before the new season begins again. Why go back? Because I enjoy them.

What Do You Hope To Learn? 

Many times movies have things that get missed the first time you see it. For example, the first time that I watched Avengers Infinity War I did not see the “Gauntlet” damaged. I did not notice it even having my full attention on the film. So going back allows you to pick up small details that could have been missed.

Another movie I saw multiple times was Deadpool 2 for the same reason. Especially with a movie like Deadpool the comic book insider jokes and fourth wall breaking innuendos are too many to catch that first time through.

Going Back For Good Measure

Going Back and rewatching things can offer new perspectives and allow your mind to draw its own conclusions. When I rewatched the entire MCU having seen Avengers Infinity War has allowed me to see the course that was charted a decade ago. And that would not have been possible without going back to rewatch.

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