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My Petition To DC and Warner Brothers

With the realignment atop the structure at DC, fans are hopeful of a change in the quality of the product. As it has been clear through the films we have already received that Warner Brothers is simply chasing money. 

The DC Movies that we have gotten have left a lot to be desired. Much of which was covered in the Laracuente Ledger Superhero Table Discussion (that should be released soon.) But one of the main points in that discussion I brought up was about how the DCEU cinematic universe felt directionless. As the “connected” stories between the characters don’t match up.

Think back to Batman vs. Superman and how that lead into the Justice League. Justice League was met with a lot of criticism and honestly rightly so. As the only characters that we were introduced to in this iteration of the cinematic universe were Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. And in their rush to produce the wealth of Marvel they did not provide context or history for these other characters. Unless you are a fan of the comic books you don’t know the back stories of The Flash or of Aquaman.

One Fan’s Thoughts

Now I consider myself a fan of both the DCEU and the MCU. However, I rest more of my loyalty with the DCEU. So it pains me having dealt with the blatant disregard for the fans by Warner Brothers in their production of these movies. So far what we have been presented with is a makeshift attempt to be as light-hearted as is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has its strengths, but likewise so does DC. Yet, we have not been presented with the strengths of the DCEU.

I won’t pretend to know all the complex and in-depth versions of the DCEU presented in the comic books as there are many different versions. However, what I will say is that DC has a different feel than Marvel. For one second think about Avengers Infinity War (SPOILER ALERT.) When Thanos snaps his fingers and “dissolves” half the population it was a different scene from what Marvel has made audiences accustomed too. Those deep emotional feelings, however, are what makes the DCEU special.

Real Genuine Emotion

Think about Batman for a moment. The first thing that happens to Bruce Wayne that leads him down the path to becoming the BATMAN is the death of his parents. Real genuine emotion. Ok, let’s examine another beloved DC character, Superman. Superman’s home planet of Krypton is destroyed and the only way to save the heir of Krypton Cal El is for his parents to send him away before their planet is destroyed. Leaving the poor infant an orphan on a distant planet with no hope of ever seeing his parents or home again. Real Genuine emotion.

My Petition

As fans of these characters and the DCEU, we will go see these movies. However, if WB wants to continue chasing dollars instead of producing quality to receive billions then so be it. Avengers Infinity War has surpassed the 2 BILLION dollar mark. And why because they gave us quality. The leaders at the top controlling the MCU gave us characters we could invest in. They had a plan and they stuck to it (even changing studios.) They built up the Universe, they gave us a real defined direction and story. Even characters that seemed to just comic relief like the Guardians of the Galaxy had a purposed. Gamora being the (step)daughter of Thanos being the only creature besides himself that he loved brought out real genuine emotion. Even more so when it was her life that had to be sacrificed to achieve his “destiny.”

Marvel had a vision and followed through on it. I can only hope and pray that the shakeup atop the structure at DC can take a lesson from Marvel. Devise a plan, by deciding the end game and work backward from there. Map out the origins stories give us clarity for the stories you jumbled together. Make us feel for these characters, let us understand exactly who they are at the core of their beings. Allows us to understand what is happening and why it is happening. Warner Brothers if you want to achieve Marvel’s success copy their plan of action, not their movie style.

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