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Who Makes The Derby

With the MLB All-Star ballots now being voted on it brings to mind the All-Star Week festivities, namely the Home Run Derby. It has already been announced that last years winner Aaron Judge will not be participating so a new champion must be crowned. And while Judge won’t be on this list we take a look at 10 sluggers that could be.

1. Bryce Harper

With the All-Star game being held in Washington DC at Nationals Park the “Hometown Hero” Bryce Harper will undoubtedly be involved in the Derby. Being the showman that he is, Bryce has to be looked at as one of the favorites as well. And on the national stage, Bryce will put on a show. Not that he needs to audition to make it to the Bronx.

2. Mike Trout

While this will probably not happen, but having the direct competition of Trout vs. Harper would make for a tremendous show and terrific marketing for MLB.

3. Shohei Ohtani

Of course, it will be a must having the two-way player involved in the Home Run Derby.

4. Madison Bumgarner

But what would the competition be without the other home run hitting pitcher being involved? A first-round matchup of these two slugging pitchers would again make for great publicity for Major League Baseball.

5. Matt Olson

A name probably unknown by fans outside of the AL West, but Matt Olson has a fearsome bat. Olson can hit some long majestic shots and will put on a great show in the Derby.

6. Joey Gallo 

Competing against Olson in the first round would be another man who hits some deep long drives, Joey Gallo. Gallo is another man who is a perfect fit for the Home Run Derby as he is one of the poster boys for “Launch Angle.”

7. Manny Machado

A man on a mission who can display his ability on his walk year. Manny has been one of baseball’s elites for several years and getting the spotlight of the Home Run Derby can add to his appeal.

8. Javier Baez

Facing off against Manny would be one of the most interesting men in the MLB. Javier Baez is known for his defense and his no-look tags but he can hit some homers as well.

9. JD Martinez

What would a Home Run Derby be without “Just Dingers” Martinez? Over the last two seasons, Martinez has 65 home runs and only two men have more. Aaron Judge who we already stated won’t be participating and his teammate Giancarlo Stanton.

10. Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton has had the most home runs over the last two seasons with 72.  Stanton has competed in Home Run Derbys before and has won. And what would a competition be without another Yankee and Red Sox battle?

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