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The Final Matchup For Shawn Michaels

An article on Bleacher Report yesterday stated that the Shawn Michaels would consider a one-off final match. So it got me thinking of who would make the best final match for “Heartbreak Kid.”

Shawn Michaels is one of (if not) the greatest performers in the history of the wrestling business. And if Michaels is willing to have one final match the opponent needs to be the perfect matchup. So we will catalog the top five candidates for Shawn Michaels.

Now there are some caveats to selecting the potential wrestlers to compete with Michaels.

  • They must be a WWE Superstar. As much as I personally would love to see Shawn Michaels vs. Kenny Omega, the WWE would want to capitalize on Michaels’ final match. 
  • No nostalgia act. We have seen HBK vs. Undertaker, and HBK vs. HHH. For Shawn’s final match it needs to be someone new. Something we have never seen before and never thought possible. 
  • Lastly, no gimmicks. For the last time, we will ever see HBK actively in a WWE match it must be a one-on-one contest. No triple threats, no gimmicks with the matchup such as no holds barred or falls count anywhere. The last hurrah for Shawn Michaels must be a solid matchup with a clean finish. 

Seth Rollins


Rollins is a fan favorite and has been for a long time. Seth has also become the modern day Shawn Michaels in terms of stealing the show (Yes, I know that’s Dolph’s gimmick.) Yet, Rollins has taken hold of that mantle and ran with it.

Finn Balor


The Leader of the Balor Club is a man that would make for another incredible matchup for HBK. Balor has a special ability to capture the audience despite what has been stated by Mr. McMahon. Pitting Michaels against Balor, it will give Finn the type of appeal that Mr. McMahon is looking for.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

It has been well documented that Michaels had a hand in training Bryan Danielson better known by the WWE Universe as Daniel Bryan. This matchup can easily be billed as the Teacher vs. the Student.

AJ Styles

aj styles

The “Heartbreak Kid” vs. The “Phenomenal One” need I say more?

Adam Cole


The man that many believe is the second coming of Shawn Michaels. Adam Cole “Bay Bay” would serve as potentially the best matchup of all. With all of the similarities between the two men, this would make a perfect final match for the legendary Shawn Michaels.

There are many more potential matchup possibilities these are just one man’s opinion. Let me know who you would like to see face off with Shawn Michaels by commenting. 

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