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Why I Love Superheroes

Over the weekend The Laracuente Ledger recorded the first in a series of Superhero Table discussions with some of the contributors to the Ledger and close friends about all things Superheroes. The series got me thinking about why I and many other people love Superheroes.


When people hear the term Superheroes it draws out many different types of emotions. It brings to mind those childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons. Whether you were watching Batman or X-Men cartoons my generation grew up with these characters.


I love the characters. That one of the main aspects that makes them great to me. Now I will not claim to know the backstory behind every Superhero or even all of the history from their comic book origins. What I do know is that these stories have a true cult-like following and are starting to become popular in the mainstream as well.

MCU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a wonderful job telling the stories on the big screen. In the first installment, we get into the newest blockbuster from the MCU Avenger: Infinity War Part One. So I won’t get into too much here because we discussed it quite a bit. But what the MCU did correctly, in my opinion, was the way that each character was defined and their stories explained. Leading up to this movie the heroes in the Avengers were all shown and explained.


Another topic we discussed was the fact that the Avengers Infinity War in comparison to Justice League from the DCEU. While not a perfect comparison the two movies are similar in plot. And a lot of conversations with Superheroes comes down to comparison and correlation. The similarities between the two main “Universes” of the DCEU and the MCU are often spoken of, sometimes at nausea. But the similarities remain quite evident. The need Deadpool movie is out now, so I’ll use Deadpool as an example. Deadpool is meant to be a parody of Deathstroke from the DCEU. Similar costume designs and their affinity for swords are just the beginning of the comps.

There are many many more comparisons and honestly many parodies between the two Universes. All of the differences and similarities, however, lend themselves to the enjoyment of the fans of both Universes. Constantly looking for “Easter Eggs” within all of the films make for even more fun movie-watching experiences. I spent a lot of time watching Superhero movies over the past few days preparing for the first part of the Superhero Table discussion that the Laracuente Ledger will present. And this week will be more of the same, and I can’t wait.

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