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Detroit vs. Everybody: An Android Story

Detroit: Become Human is a recently released video game  (some spoilers ahead) in which the year is 2038, and everyone in the world has an android. No, not an android cell phone but a fully animatronic android device from the company called CyberLife.

The team at Quantic Dream put together a great game filled with twists, turns, and a genuinely compelling story. What makes this game great is the in-depth nature of the story that the user has control over. Your decisions shape the story, your choices impact the narrative. One false step and the tale is over for one of the three main characters.

Connor Story

The story of the Androids and their search for freedom begins with an android known as Connor. Connor is an advanced android and is called in to assist as a negotiator when another android becomes a deviant. A deviant for this game are any androids that break out from their code and disobeys their programmed orders. Throughout Connor’s story, you see that he battles with the ideas programmed into him and the up-close witness to the many deviant’s behaviors that he encounters. That struggle can plague Connor through the entire story. Or it can be little more than a footnote in his story. The beauty is that you get to decide that path.

Markus Story

When first introduced to Markus is purchasing paint for his owner Carl Manfred. Carl is an aging painter who’s health is failing. Carl has a son Leo who is a drug addict who’s involvement changes the courses of all of their lives. Markus and Carl have almost a father-son type of relationship even though Markus is an android at Carl’s beck and call. Leo, Carl’s son, is not as enthusiastic about Markus as his father is. An altercation then ensues and causes Markus to breakout and become a deviant.

Kara Story

Kara’s story is the most gut-wrenching of them all. When we first met Kara, she is being picked up after an “accident.” Once Kara returns home that’s when her story takes shape. Todd, Kara’s owner, returns home and begins listing all the chores around that house that needed completing. Because they piled up in the two weeks, Kara was away for repairs. It is there that we are introduced to Alice, Todd’s daughter. And as Kara’s story progress, we see a maternal instinct kick in and Kara’s mission becomes protecting Alice.

Worth the Buy?

I won’t give away anything more of the stories or premises that can be played out in this game. The stories that this game provides allows a level of replayability not often seen in most games as there are various options and unlockable pathways to each chapter of each characters stories. I myself and going through my second go around and changing my choices from the first playthrough. For anyone that enjoys taking control of a situation and trying to determine the best course of action, this is the game for you.

Detroit Become Human is a must have if you are someone that likes to make decisions. Where the decisions you make truly matter. So If you are someone who plays games with a purpose and not just a same old, same old type of game then Detroit is definitely the game to choose. And while the androids on 2038 Detroit must choose their paths to “Become Human”, you as a human in 2018 must choose Detroit.

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