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Trade Bait The Deadline Options For the Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the three juggernauts in the American League and as the season progresses closer to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline many rumors and much speculation over potential acquisitions for the Yankees.

Presently, the Bronx Bombers have a tremendous offense. That fact made evident that the team has hit at least three home runs in their past five consecutive games. Then when you factor in the amount of Major League caliber talent that currently resides in Scranton-Wilkes Barre. The Yankees don’t necessarily need more offense. So adding additional firepower wouldn’t honestly be the best use of the team’s resources. What the Yankees need is pitching, namely starting pitching.

Much of this season the New York Yankees starting rotation has been inconsistent. With everyone other than Luis Severino being somewhat a cause for concern. We will take a look at some potential trade deadline acquisitions for the Yankees in both the starting and relieving trade markets.

Anyone the Yankees have interest in coming out of the AL East will be more than likely come at a more expensive price tag. Though it may be substantially more difficult, it is not impossible.

Archer hasn’t been the dominant ace he once was over the past few seasons. As of 2016, Archer’s combined ERA is 4.17 in 461.2 innings of work. Even though Archer hasn’t pitched like an ace, we can still be a solid number two behind Severino.

Yes, while everyone would prefer Aaron Sanchez or Marcus Stroman, myself included. They are young cost effective controllable starting pitchers that the Blue Jays are not going to give away. Regardless of how far out of contention they fall. So we turn to the more probable trade target of J.A. Happ. J.A. Happ has been the Blue Jay’s most effective starter over the past few seasons. Since 2016 Happ has produced an ERA of 3.43 in nearly 400 innings of work for Toronto.

While this year Duffy has pitched to an ERA of 6.88 across 10 starts and 51 IP, over the last three seasons Duffy has been the Royals best, pitcher. And with the Royals already 9 games behind the Cleveland Indians in baseball’s weakest division. It is safe to assume that KC will be looking to trade any and all assets. The 29-year-old Duffy will need to turn it around and cut down on the walks, for KC to get some value in trading him.

Michael Fulmer will be a difficult trade to pull off as Fulmer is a young cost controlled asset. However, the Tigers are not going to be good for quite some time. Which should make Fulmer available, the question then becomes for how much? Fulmer has a groundball rate of 48.9% and that would play very well in Yankee Stadium and with the defenders, the Yankees have in their infield.

Chicago has great young starters with potential in their starting rotation with several years left of control. That is also the main source of hope for the White Sox moving forward and they will not part with them. The White Sox do, however, have an arm in the pen that they could trade to reap some more future talent. Jones has pitched to an ERA of 2.49 over the last three seasons. Nate also has an impressive K-BB% of 21.7% according to FanGraphs. If the Yankees find the starting pitching market to steep. Then expect them to pivot and look to bluster their already impressive bullpen.

Cole Hamels will be the most talked about name at the deadline. Hamels is not the ace that he was in his time in Philadelphia but he is still a very capable pitcher. He is also making a lot of money that the Rangers will have to be flexible on in order to make a deal work. It is very possible that if Hamels gets traded to a World Series contender like the Yankees that he can be reinvigorated and turn in this year’s version of the 2017 Justin Verlander.

This idea was already floated out into the world, and while extremely unlike it is still a possibility that it can happen. deGrom is one of the best pitchers in the game today, and the true ace of the Mets starting staff. deGrom currently has an ERA of 1.54 in 58 innings pitched with 77 strikeouts. In order for the Yankees to get Jacob shipped across town, it will cost the Yankees a very deep return. But the Yankees have the depth to be able to make a deal like this happen.

A much more plausible trade between the cross town rivals would be for Seth Lugo. Lugo has pitched quite well out of the Mets bullpen but can easily be stretched back out as a starter if needed. The Yankees have currently been served by AJ Cole and David Hale as long men out of the pen. But a pitcher like Lugo gives you a better option for such outings as well as being able to be counted on in tough spots as well.

The Los Angeles Dodgers struggled out of the gate, but as the Arizona Diamondbacks faltered the Dodgers were let back into the race in the NL West. Which makes this trade target less likely than a week or so ago. But if the Dodgers continue to play less than they are capable it is very possible that Alex Wood becomes available. Over the last three seasons, Wood has pitched to an ERA of 3.18 in 260 innings pitched. Wood has a groundball percentage of 51.5% according to FanGraphs.

The unquestioned ace of the Giants may very well be available this summer. The Giants are currently in the four-team race in the NL West only 2 games out of first place and 2 games under.500. Although currently on the DL, Madison should be returning soon for the Giants. Which just like in the case of Alex Wood, makes the trade of Bumgarner all the less likely. However, the Giants are at a critical stage in their “Win-Curve.” In having already an older team doubled down this past offseason and got older. Such a strategy is risky. If the Giants were to go on an extended losing streak they can find themselves further outside looking in. The Giants farm system is not in great shape after years of success, and while not the most popular of moves dealing Bumgarner will garner the most successful return on investment.

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