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Chasing A Dynasty

The New York Yankees lost for just the fourth time in seventeen games in the month of May. The Yankees and their fans have grown quite unaccustomed to losing. Speaking on behalf of Yankee fans across the world, “We love this team and the fact that they win just about every day.”

Following the loss, the Yankees now find themselves a half-game out of first place in the AL East behind their hated rival the Boston Red Sox. What has made this team and the current run of 13-4 in May so special has been that this team never feels defeated. The Yankees entered the 7th inning against the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night down by five runs. Then in the 7th in the powerful swing of rookie Miguel Andújar, the Yanks got one back. The next inning Austin Romine who replaced Gary Sanchez performed his best Gary Sanchez impression and slugged a two-run home run opposite field bringing the Yankees within two.

Yes, the game would end with that score coming up just short 6-4. However, until the last out has been recorded this team cannot be counted out. What cannot be understated how this team relies on one another. The cliché of passing the baton is a real mentality in that Yankee dugout. Every season teams go through low points like the Yankees dealt with to start the season 9-9. Likewise, a team goes through hot stretches where they win nearly every day. Yet the air around this team feels different.

Something In The Air

Now it is now secret if you know me personally or if you’ve read anything that I’ve written here on The Laracuente Ledger before that I am a Yankee fan. But I watch a lot of baseball and there have been many teams to have impressive runs. For example just last season the Cleveland Indians set the modern era winning streak record. Again, last season the Los Angeles Dodgers had an incredible string of victories. But this current Yankee run feels different. This run and this pace is so eerily similar to the run of the 1998 Yankees.

I’ve spoken and written quite a bit here and on about that very comparison. The correlation of the team being heavily homegrown. A team that gets supplemented with veterans whose only concern is about winning. Nothing about personal stats or goals. Just a group of 25+ that have one drive and one singular focus winning the World Series.

“Winning, Breathing First, Then Winning”

The famous quote of The “Boss” the one and only Mr. George Steinbrenner. Where he spoke about the most important thing is winning. Under the “Boss” the Yankees have won seven World Series Championships. In my viewing lifetime, they have won five World Series crowns. The confidence (and at times arrogance) that Yankee fans have developed over the amount of winning that has been done is second to none. And the bitterness that we feel when the Yankees lose is also second to none. The sentiment and mentality was passed on to us Yankee fans from the Boss himself. Mr. Steinbrenner expected a lot from his team and did not want anything less than the best. This 2018 version of the team, as good as they have been, I think will be even better. And it is my belief that this team can potentially reestablish a dynasty. Something that we haven’t seen since the 1998-2000 New York Yankees dynasty.

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