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New York, New York: Start Spreading The News.

In thinking about the New York Yankees, current hot streak all I can do is reminisce about the 1998 Yankees team.

Now, let’s be clear I’m not saying that this team or season will turn out like the ’98 season. Although as a Yankee fan that’s what I am genuinely hoping will happen. What I am saying, however, is that this team it’s about any one man. This team is about the team. The Yankees since Mr. Steinbrenner purchased the team in 1973 have always placed a premium on the brand that is the New York Yankees.

What made the 98 team so special was the fact that it wasn’t reliant on just one man, but it was a true team effort. This 2018 version is very much the same, as every night it seems to be a different guys carrying the load. The 2018 Yankees have been receiving contributions from all over the lineup.

Much like in 1998, this team was stacked with professional hitters all throughout the lineup. What that does to opposing pitchers is makes them work 1-9 in a lineup. When a pitcher and their pitching coach go over a lineup in a scouting report they look at the players they want to avoid pitching to, especially in key situations. Then they look for the spots in the lineup where out can be easier to acquire. In this Yankees lineup, there are no easy outs. Everyone battles, everyone grinds out at-bats.

Take for example last night’s lineup against the Boston Red Sox and their starter left-hander Drew Pomeranz.

This lineup has depth all throughout it. And while it is more righty-heavy than most Yankees lineups of the past all of the right-handed hitters use the entire field including the right-field porch, just ask Giancarlo Stanton.

The 2018 Yankees have a mystic about them, they never give up including last night when the game got tied up last and with the Boston closer Craig Kimbrel looming this team did not give up. The Yankees have been on fire since that fateful night where they brawled with Boston.

This is a special team doing incredible things right now and that bodes well for anyone who dons the interlocking NY on their cap. There is still a long way to go to get to October but with the feeling in the air in the Bronx it could be a very fun summer in New York, New York, so start spreading the news.

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