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MLB News Notes and Mailbags: Week of 4/20-4/26

We are now a month into this 2018 season so let’s take a look at some of the things that have happened this week.

  • No-No In Oakland

Sean Manea of the Oakland A’s a man you have possibly never heard of did what some believed impossible, he completely shut down the “best” offense in baseball. Manea threw a No-Hitter against the Boston Red Sox. Now this game was not without some controversy as two separate plays could have and probably should have been ruled as hits went for errors. This has sparked a renewed debate by Mr. Brian Kenny to “Kill the E (error)”.

  • Belt Breaks Barria

One of the most incredible sights I have ever beheld on a baseball field was the at-bat that San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt put together against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s rookie pitcher Jaime Barria. A 21 pitch at-bat setting a record for most pitches in an at-bat in the modern era. Watching this at-bat is a must for any baseball fan.

  • Corbin Nears No-No

Patrick Corbin of the Arizona Diamondbacks was trying to accomplish the same feat as Sean Manea but was however not as lucky. Corbin did, however, dominate and pitched a complete game shutout.

  • The Bombers Are Back

The New York Yankees after beginning the season looking like the Bronx Bummers have turned on the ” Statcast” meter and have started mashing the ball out of the ballpark. The Yankees are currently riding a 7 game win streak heading into their weekend series with Mike Trout and the LA Angels.

  • Gregorius Makes Yankee Fans Euphorius

As John Sterling’s home run call for Didi explains Gregorius has been on fire. On a team with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez it is Didi Gregorius who is leading the team in home runs and rbi’s. Didi has also taken the words of his manager Aaron Boone to heart and has been more patient at the plate and it has resulted in great at-bats and in him getting better pitches to hit.

  • Boston Is Human

The Boston Red Sox were on the wrong side of a couple of calls in Oakland leading to them being No-Hit as we discussed earlier. But these bars calls spiraled the BoSox into a mini losing streak dropping three games in a row. However, the Sox are to strong a club to have remained mired in a downward trajectory (much to mine and every Yankee fans chagrin) they have rebounded and have taken their last two contest against the Blue Jays.

  • Verdicts Came Down

After the Fracas at Fenway the suspensions appeals were finally announced with Joe Kelly’s six-game suspension being upheld and Tyler Austin’s suspension being dropped from five games to four games. Kelly began serving his suspension Thursday night and Austin would start serving his on Friday night.

  • Matt Harvey’s Pen-ned In

The once Dark Knight of Gotham City will need to don a different cape. As the New York Mets have decided to place Harvey in the bullpen to try to regain his form. Harvey is very upset with the decision as he believes he is still a starting pitcher with a high 90’s fastball. Even though he has not shown that type of stuff since returning from his Thoracic surgery. Harvey has made one relief appearance so far where he pitched two innings, gave up two hits, one run, walked a batter and struck out two. If Harvey can regain his form and potentially his velocity in the bullpen he may become a visble trade candidate for the Mets.

  • Javy Being Javy

The Chicago Cubs lively utility fielder is a polarizing figure. You either love his passion and flair for the game. Or you hate his arrogant and flamboyant nature, there is no middle ground with Javy. This week Baez drew some heat as in an attempted to stop the Colorado Rockies second baseman from potentially stealing signs Javy placed himself in front of DJ LeMahieu as the signs were being given and then quickly retreating into position as the pitcher came set. Javy plays with the kind of love for the game of baseball that is seen on sandlots all across the world. But never forget that the man can rake.

  • Pujols Nears 3000

Albert Pujols arguably the best player of this generation is nearing an enormous and historic milestone…3000 hits in his MLB career. In 2017 Pujols became just the ninth man to join the 600 home run club. However the 600 home run 3000 hit club is much more exclusive as Pujols would be just the fourth man in that club. Joining with Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Alex Rodriguez. The Angels take on the New York Yankees at home in Anaheim this weekend and with Albert just six hits away he may be able to etch his name in yet another record category in his already Hall of Fame career.

  • What A Call

The Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees both made news this week by calling up their top prospects in Ronald Acuna and Gleyber Torres. These two highly touted prospects are set to be staples in their team’s respective lineups for the remainder of the season. Look for real success from the number one (Acuna) and number six (Torres) top prospects according to

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