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Confessions Of The Man Behind The Pen

As the days, weeks and months have passed since I began this venture it has been an enlightening experience for me.

I’ve always been someone that came up with a lot of ideas. Some were ok others were downright awful. Many of my ideas were more so projects things like screenplays, novels, I even attempted songwriting at one point. But throughout all of those projects, one thing remained clear I didn’t follow through. I can’t begin to tell you just how many of these projects have been left unfinished, have merely become a file name opened periodically when boredom sets in just to see how far I actually got.

These unfinished projects are what made this current venture so nerve-racking for me. Would The Laracuente Ledger be just another unfinished project? Something I started but didn’t have the drive or determination to follow through on? Would what I have to say even resonant with people? Would anyone care? Would I actually find something to write about often enough to build a real following?

All of these things raced through my head before that fateful night in December. New Years Eve 2017 when my first post on went live. That day my first article hit the internet. And I have continued on every weekday since, much to my own surprise.

Things haven’t always come easy for me when writing these articles as I have struggled on several occasions to come up with a topic to write about. Sometimes I get what I think should be a very easy topic and I struggle. And sometimes the reverse holds true also. But despite all of the topic conundrums and thanks to only the grace of God I’ve been able to keep producing content. And thankfully people keep reading.

Next Steps

The Laracuente Ledger isn’t about just one person, it’s not just about me. It is merely a starting point, a symbol for those who have decided to join in on this journey. On the site right now we have two pieces up by two wonderful writers but they are even better people. Both and are just the first pieces put together by the team here at the Laracuente Ledger. And look for more pieces from them both in the coming months.

The team right now at The Laracuente Ledger is small. But we are looking to grow and bring in more quality writers but even better people. If you want to join the team here let us know at The Laracuente Ledger started out as just an idea in my head but has grown into more and will continue to grow. The next areas that we are looking to venture into are vlogs and podcast. Again, another area where The Laracuente Ledger is looking to bring in more passionate people to help us grow.

Ultimately, when I started The Laracuente Ledger I wasn’t sure how long I would last with it as I always started things but never saw them through to any semblance of completion. However, every time I hit publish on a new piece, I feel a renewed sense of determination. I feel hopeful that the work that The Laracuente Ledger puts forth can give people just a little something to distract their minds from the monotonies of their days. The Laracuente Ledger has given me something that I can put my passion into. Something that I can find a sense of drive and purpose in. The Laracuente Ledger has helped me be able to actually follow through.

I hope that The Laracuente Ledger has been able to bring something to each and every one of you who have ever read any of the articles here. Thank you for your support we here at The Laracuente Ledger appreciate you.

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