MLB News Notes and Mailbags: Week of 4/6-4/12

  • LA Angels are looking to Fly into the Wildcard

The Angels got a breath of fresh air when Shohei decides to make Anaheim his home. The Angels have been playing great baseball and will be the only team in the AL West that should give the Astros fits. The addition of Shohei Ohtani has truly helped revitalize the Angels as a team. And he has shown (at least early) that he can handle both pitching and hitting.

  • Baltimore is not going down without a fight

The Orioles much like the Angels are looking to get back into the playoff picture. They have been playing solid baseball. Baltimore Superstar shortstop Manny Machado is playing to secure himself a $400 million dollar contract this coming off-season. And Manny is carrying the team on his back right now.

  • Extra Innings Battles in the Bronx

The Yankees and Orioles squared off last weekend for two extra-inning affairs. Back and forth battles both of which ended in Baltimore victories. It seems as if Baltimore is not willing going to give up Manny Machado or on potentially reaching the playoffs this season. Since Buck Showalter took over this team has more often than not overachieved their expected metrics and this season should be no different.

  • Wrestlemania Type Skirmish in St. Louis, Colorado and Boston

This past Sunday was WWE’s biggest show of the year Wrestlemania and in that spirit, some teams have engaged in full on bench-clearing brawls. The chaos in Colorado and the fisticuffs fracas at Fenway were two of the more serious brawls in recent years. While the scrum in St. Louis was a shout and shove fest. All bouts lead to several suspensions. Most of which have been appealed.

  • Near No-Hitter in Baltimore and Boston

Aaron Sanchez (Toronto Blue Jays) and Rick Porcello (Boston Red Sox) both took No-Hitters into the late innings this week. Both pitchers looked dominant in their bids. But ultimately both gave up hits.

  • Gonna be a Long Summer in Motown

The Tigers are going to struggle this season as they have some high priced somewhat injury prone veterans that they can’t move. Also, their farm system is no in a good place. This will lead to a lot of loses in the scorebook.

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