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Best Suited for the Superstar Shakeup

The WWE has had a Superstar Shakeup for the last two years so with that comes the speculation as to who will get moved from RAW to Smackdown Live and vice verse. Let’s take a look at some potential candidates who could be on the move.

Smackdown Live to RAW

  • Charlotte Flair

Charlotte lost her Smackdown Live Women’s Championship this past Tuesday to Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella. Making this the most likely opportunity to have Charlotte return to RAW.

  • Becky Lynch

Becky was the first female draft pick to Smackdown Live and has not found herself in any meaningful storylines since Alexa Bliss left Smackdown for RAW prior to the last Superstar Shakeup.

  • Baron Corbin

Corbin has not done much since he lost the United States Championship in 2017 so a move to RAW may allow Baron to compete against some different competition.

RAW to Smackdown Live

  • Finn Balor

Finn has struggled to receive any type of substantial push since first claiming and relinquishing (due to injury) the WWE Universal Championship. And something simple like a switch to Smackdown Live may just be the cure for his ailing push.

  • The Club

The Club much like Finn Balor have not received a significant push in WWE save for one RAW Tag Team title run. They have feuded with all the teams on RAW already and have found themselves somewhat relegated to the comic relief roles previously occupied by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. A move to Smackdown Live can rejuvenate their sputtering WWE careers.

  • Asuka

Asuka has faced everyone on RAW. And her character was beginning to get a bit stale. Having Charlotte hand her, her first loss gives her a fresh start. Just like when Cal Ripken Jr decides to take a day off, Asuka needed to lose to eventually give a better product in the ring. For example, when Asuka was in the Mixed Match Challenge you knew that she and the Miz would win, simply because of Asuka’s “undefeated” streak. No longer being tied to the win streak allows WWE a chance to shake things up (pun intended).

Now, these are just a few Superstars that could be on the move next we for the second Superstar Shakeup. Make sure that you tune into Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live next week to see just who’s on the move.

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