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Giving More Than A New York Minute.

The New York Yankees had a much needed day off yesterday before there three-game series in Boston against the Red Sox.

The Yankees are 5-5 after the first ten games of the season. They have not played crisp baseball. There have been mistakes made by the players and the coaches, namely, manager Aaron Boone. However, it calls to mind the similarly slow start of 2009. The Yankees did not get off to a great start that season either. They struggled throughout April. Their prized off-season acquisition stumbled tremendously out of the gate.

The slow start does not worry the true die-hard Yankees fans. As we have seen this before. Even in 2017, during the “West Coast crumble” stretch of the schedule the Yankees did not play good baseball. During that time they struggled to score runs, they made silly simple errors and the “flame throwing fireman” that they had in their bullpen became more like arsonist as they set the opposing teams offenses on fire as opposed to putting them out.

Early season woes are nothing new in the Bronx. But this season they are headlining the news, as this team was being billed as the second coming of murders row. And at some point this season they will be. We already witnessed the first game in which the three-headed right-handed hitting monster part of this batting order all homered in the same game. It will continue to happen, the Bronx Bombers will produce as their namesake announces it, however, will take time.

Give it time a concept that seems foreign in the fast-paced instant pace that is the New York market. Not just media but fans expected the Yankees to put up a million runs a game and go 162-0 in the regular season. Yes, there have been several mistakes by rookie manager Aaron Boone that have cost the Yankees games. However, no matter the moves or lack thereof that the manager makes the onus falls on the players to succeed.

Today begins the Yankees biggest test of the season as they take on the Red Sox for a three-game series in Boston. This series will also be the first series that Boston plays against a team, not from the state of Florida. Nothing against the Miami Marlins or Tampa Bay Rays but both teams are honestly the equivalent of Quadruple-A teams. Neither team is expected to compete for even a .500 record let alone a playoff push.

However, the Yankees goals begin with the American League East Division and that runs through Boston as the defending AL East Champs. The Red Sox have set up their rotation so that their three best go against the Yankees. Tonight will be a battle of Aces as Boston sends out Chris Sale to take on our Ace Luis Severino. The prized acquisitions for both New York (Giancarlo Stanton) and Boston (JD Martinez) have started off slow and will be getting their first exposure to the best rivalry in all of sports. Both players should be expected to contribute at some point this series so look out for them to make a statement.

The Yankees have not started out of the gate on fire, they’ve already gotten banged up and plagued by the injury bug. However, optimism should be had as Aaron Hicks is expected to return once eligible to come off the DL and Greg Bird has stated he expects to be back in May. Clint Frazier is set to start playing in games in the Minor Leagues after missing nearly all of Spring Training with a concussion. And we can not forget the masterful job Brian Cashman and his lieutenants did in constructing this roster and staying well under the luxury tax threshold to be able to add more if and when the need arises. This season the New York Yankees have high expectations and aspirations and as The Boss George Steinbrenner believed anything less than a World Series Championship is a failed season. But we can’t win the World Series in April, so let’s just relax and Give It A Minute.

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